Credit Card

Credit cardPict


Allows the purchase of items without sufficient hearts


Once per item


The Credit Card (クレジットカード Kurejitto Kādo) is an item that debuted in the original Kid Icarus.


Kid Icarus

This allows Pit to buy on credit when dealing with the black marketeer. Remember that once Pit buys on credit, he cannot buy on credit again until he has paid back what he owes.

— Its Game Manual Description

Having the chance to appear in Treasure Chambers should Pit open all of the pitchers without encountering the God of Poverty, the Credit Card allows the player to purchase items from a Black Marketeer without the full amount of hearts required.

Once used, Pit is granted the requested item and his hearts will be depleted to zero. Until he can pay back his debt, Pit will be unable to add more hearts to his total or buy additional items.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Pit may find the Credit Card in a Treasure chamber. The Credit Card allows him to buy one item in the Black Market.

— Its Game Manual Description

Functioning slightly differently than before, Pit can trade this item to a Black Marketeer in exchange for one of his items.


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