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Forces of Nature - Cragalanche

Cragalanche the Mighty (ロッカ Rokka "Rocker") is a warrior in the Forces of Nature introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. In Chapter 11, he is sent down into the Reset Bomb Forest by (an over-confident) Viridi to take down Pit. He cannot speak, so Viridi does the talking for him in a manner similar to the Hulk. Viridi claims that Cragalanche is pure rock: the strong, silent type. Despite his amazing defense and powerful attacks, he has a weak spot on his back, or "butt" as the game puts it, and Viridi says that he was "supposed to get it fixed." Pit can attack this spot for greater damage, as well as the spot on his elbow. He appears again in Chapter 24 as part of Trial 1 in the Great Sacred Treasure Challenge.

Battle Style

Cragalanche's battle style remains quite predictable throughout the battle but will become much faster as the battle goes on. He begins either by pounding the ground with his fist to send three small shock-waves or throwing a rock at Pit, then rolls towards him, levitating above him and landing forcefully, or twirling at Pit and slamming into the ground. He might also enlarge his fist and punch Pit. If Pit attacks the weak spot, Cragalanche may fall down and become vulnerable but once he recovers, Pit has to stay back from him. Each time he lands on the ground, he causes a small radius of damage powerful enough to knock Pit back. After he has taken enough damage, he surrounds himself with rocks and sends them flying in all directions, and he gains a new set of attacks. His Shockwave Pound will then be able to send two sets of three rather than one and gains the ability to home in on Pit, his Rock Shot attack will procure a much larger rock, and he will be able to dig into the ground under Pit and resurface powerfully. He also trades his Cragalanche Straight punch for a wide arm sweep, which can be dodged or interrupted by striking the red weak-point on his arm. His most powerful attack sends a huge earthquake that is not only harder to dodge than his other attacks but deals quite some damage as well. The best way to dodge the earthquake is by running toward Cragalanche so Pit can avoid the impact.

Idol Description

A commanding officer in the Forces of Nature. Once a mere boulder with a soul, Cragalanche spent years developing a will of his own. Fiercely loyal to Viridi, he strikes at the front lines of battle like a meteor.



  • There is a panel on Viridi's Treasure Hunt which requires you to defeat Cragalanche without hitting his butt.
  • There is a weapon based off of Cragalanche, called the Cragalanche Cannon. It is made out of shards of him.
  • Cragalanche could be based around golems of Jewish religion and are said to be extremely powerful, which would explain his role in the Forces of Nature.
  • Cragalanche has many similarities to Thardus from Metroid Prime. The only visible differences between the two are: Cragalanche is capable of subterranean attacks while Thardus is not, Thardus' weak spots are invisible to the naked eye, and Thardus is capable of freezing Samus by using cyrokinesis. Also, Cragalanche can fly.
  • Cragalanche bears a resemblance to the classic Kid Icarus enemy, Rokman.

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