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Claws (射爪 Shasou, literally meaning "Shooting Claws") are a pair of dangerous weapons worn on each hand. They make up one of the many new weapons introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The Claws are designed to move faster when used in melee attacks, although their range is rather limited.


Apart from the Orbitars, the Claws are the only weapons that automatically come in a pair. Pit wears them over each of his hands and are very fast at close range. Like the Blade, they are also capable of rapid-fire attacks and charged shots. For their special attack, Pit will spin around very fast and the Claws produce an onslaught of whirlwind projectiles that will cut through enemy forces. They have the highest number of combo hits in the game at five attacks, the fifth doing the most damage. The names of the different Claw variants are mostly inspired by animals.


Claw Variants




Tiger Claws

Claws are melee-specialized weapons that fire talons. They improve speed more than any other weapon, useful since they tend to have a short attack range. With a balanced set of qualities, the Tiger Claws' usefulness in battle speaks for itself. Claws tiger

Wolf Claws

These wolf-themed claws set foes they strike on fire, dealing additional damage. Unfortunately, this flame ability limits the weapons' range. Their charged dash shot has a homing ability, something rare among claws. WolfClaws

Bear Claws

These claws are like a bear's, with melee attacks among the most devastating of any weapon. Their ranged shots are strong but have a short reach. If you can get up close, your foes won't know what hit them. Bear Claws

Brawler Claws

Not only do these claws grant faster movement than any other weapon, they make you look like the king of the ring! While their other attributes aren't as cool as their speed boost, you can't deny the coolness of two-fist punching action. Claws fist

Stealth Claws

Forged in darkness and wrapped in the bandages of mummies, these claws are nearly invisible, so the targets of its fast fire may find it hard to find out exactly who is shooting. The claws do have a lower melee power, however. StealthClaws

Hedgehog Claws

Inspired by hedgehogs, these claws charge quickly and provide a large speed boost to users. While they lack homing ability and have a low attack power, their rapid fire shoots a ceaseless barrage of projectiles. HedgehogClaws

Raptor Claws

Claws that let wielders go all 65 million BC on enemies. They feature strong melee and ranged attacks, although they have a slow charge time. Wounds received from these claws are so brutal, they often refuse to heal. RaptorClaws

Artillery Claws

These macho-looking claws aren't well suited to melee and have almost no homing ability, but where they shine is their shots that have a range comparable to blades, lose no power over distance, and move super fast. Artillary Claws

Cancer Claws

The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Cancer. Their melee attack packs a mighty wallop, and their charged shots can temporarily hover near enemies. They also give users a speed boost during continuous-fire attacks. Cancer Claws

Beam Claws

The Beam Claws feature an extremely long attack range, comparable to that of bows. Their shots travel fast and don't lessen in strength over distance. However, they possess a weak homing ability and have a lower attack power. BeamClawsArt

Viridi Claws

Claws that are as beautiful and deadly as Viridi herself. Their shots feature a strong homing ability and can maintain continuous fire for long periods. Charged shots fired by the Viridi Claws paralyze foes one-third of the time. ViridiClaws

Pandora Claws

These claws are based on the spirit form of Pandora. Their backward-dash charged shot creates a barrier that offers good defense in Together mode. Their third melee strike can knock enemies into the air. Try using a backward-dash attack as foes fall. PandoraClawsArt



  • In a conversation with Palutena, Pit states that Claws make him feel like he's half angel and half animal. Palutena then jokes with him by stating what animals she thinks he is like: a squirrel, a kitten, and even a penguin.
  • Claws can be classed as a direct opposite to the Cannon, as they aim mainly at single enemies and have fast attack speed when used in melee assaults, while a Cannon's attributes are opposite to this.
  • Palutena used a pair of Wolf Claws in Palutena's Revolting Dinner to attempt to cook the vegetables, but the vegetables ended up exploding and squashing a few Underworld minions instead.
  • Claws are one of four weapon classes without Aurum versions (the others being Staffs, Arms, and Cannons).
  • The fact that the Hedgehog Claws grant a large speed boost to the user might be a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.

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