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The Cherubot is a mech-like vehicle of the gods and was first introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It runs on goddess power, as explained by Palutena in Chapter 12. It slides across the ground on two legs and has a halo behind the cockpit where Pit sits. Its left arm is a plasma cannon used for ranged attacks, and its right arm is a club-like ball used for melee attacks. It also has the ability to jump into the air. This is usually used for offensive purposes as it creates a damaging shockwave upon hitting the ground, which can harm surrounding enemies. Unfortunately, the jump has a very limited reach and can rarely be used for transportation. The Cherubot first appears in Chapter 6 in the area to the bottom right of the main clearing.

Idol Description

While it may look cool, the overwhelming destructive might in this combat armor of the gods is best left to seasoned warriors. Cherubot's compact form factor and self-propulsion make it easy to deploy into battle, if at limited mobility.

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