Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle

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Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle



Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle/Transcript


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Chapter 10: The Wish Seed

Medusa's Final Battle is the ninth chapter in the game Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Air Battle

Pit is equipped with the Three Sacred Treasures, but there are many enemies along the way. Palutena guides Pit through the Overworld into a chasm, which contains several new enemies such as Shootflies, which will swarm Pit if he opens fire whenever they are present. There are also Trailtails which leave behind a damaging trail behind them, but will disappear if killed. As Pit reaches a portal to the Underworld, several Ornes will appear and block his path; fortunately, the Arrows of Light can destroy them.

Arriving in the Underworld after using the Underworld Key, Pit receives unexpected help from Dark Pit as he reaches Medusa's castle. However, before he can enter the castle, he must first defeat the Underworld Gatekeeper, her last line of defense preventing him from entering the castle.

Mini-Boss Battle

The Underworld Gatekeeper boasts a variety of projectile attacks: fireballs, blue laser blasts, large orb-like projectiles, and a large purple beam fired from its head. The Gatekeeper will also change into a jet and speed across the screen to damage Pit. To defeat it Pit must destroy all of its guns, which are indicated with an arrow over them. Once are all destroyed the Gatekeeper protects his face using a helmet and thus Pit's shots are useless. After enough shots are fired at it though, Dark Pit enters again and kicks the Underworld Gatekeeper's head. Palutena states that "Facekicking usually isn't this effective." After the Underworld Gatekeeper is defeated, Pit enters Medusa's castle.

Land Battle

Pit starts out at a hot spring. There are three statues, one of Twinbellows, Hewdraw, and Pandora. Pit must venture into the doorways behind then to enter an environment with the same setting as when he first battled the bosses.

The bosses are simply puppet souls, but each room is significantly different then the original chapter. Like the normal chapter, a Drink of the Gods will appear before the boss fight begins. Once the boss is defeated, Pit is taken back to the same room, but the statue of the boss he fought will be destroyed. All three must be defeated to continue.

Twinbellows Chamber

Pit starts off in the first town he went to, although it is in a chaotic state and several new enemies are in its place. A different path is set for him, and once he reaches a narrow alleyway, a Clubberskull will appear from behind and attack him. It must be defeated in order to proceed, and a Lightning of Judgment will be provided to kill it faster. After killing the Clubberskull, Pit proceeds to another area containing some Igniots and another Orne; however the Orne does not chase after Pit and goes up and down a broken staircase. Once at the entrance to the arena where Twinbellows is fought, another Clubberskull and several Shemums will attack Pit; although there is an Exo Tank to help him avoid their attacks.

The fight with Twinbellows is the same as his original counterpart in Chapter 1.

Hewdraw Chamber

Pit is taken to the city where the Hewdraw Heads had attacked them. Like the Twinbellows Chamber, the layout is different and Pit will take a different path to reach the Hewdraw that managed to regenerate its body. There is another vehicle; the Aether Ring, which will help defeat enemies quicker. There is also a treasure chest that can only be accessed by the Aether Ring, so Pit shouldn't be reckless and destroy it during the several skirmishes along the way.

The fight with the rejuvenated Hewdraw Head is the same as the original counterpart in Chapter 3.

Pandora Chamber

Pit is taken back to the Labyrinth of Deceit, although like the other chambers, the layout is different. In addition, Pit will be sent up and down the chambers; he can be on the floor or the ceiling of the labyrinth. Pit needs to solve some puzzles along the way to get to Pandora. In addition, another Orne is found and can be killed to proceed towards Pandora.

The fight with Pandora is similar to the fight in Chapter 5, although she has some new attacks and Dark Pit will not assist you in this fight.

The Cavern

Once all bosses have been defeated, Pit can now continue on the way to Medusa. Pit will enter a chamber where a gauntlet of enemies must be fought, and a new enemy, the Suit of Skuttler will appear. It is simply a Skuttler in an Underworld Statue, which can be killed by attacking from behind. Once Pit reaches the next room, some flame jets will provide as hazards, so Pit should avoid them. After reaching a split in the road, taking the right path will show another Orne going in a circle guarding a treasure chest.

While traversing the caverns, Pit and Palutena will learn from Medusa herself that she had no idea how she was resurrected. Pit should keep moving around the caverns, and going straight rather then turning right from the left path will reveal another treasure chest, with a locked Clubberskull nearby. However, this chest is a Pandora's Box, so Pit should be wary if he wants to open it, as the box may hit the locked Clubberskull and release it.

Pit will face several gauntlets of enemies, including a room with four portals that an Eggplant Wizard uses against him. Another Suit of Skuttler will appear with him, and after the two are defeated, another locked Clubberskull will drop into the room, and must be defeated in order for Pit to proceed. Palutena will provide Pit with a Grind Rail afterwards, and will drop him closer to Medusa.

Inside, Pit will need to get past a puzzle Medusa has set, involving glowing lights and invisible platforms where Pit must guess where they are or he will fall down. Once Pit gets past the puzzle, he will enter a small chamber which has another Eggplant Wizard, a Igniot and an Orne, which can be dangerous if one of the three get to him. However, Pit only needs to defeat the Eggplant Wizard and the Igniot; the Orne will disappear afterwards. Pit will face the same puzzle that he encountered earlier, but there is also a bonus path to it.

If Pit takes the bonus path, another new enemy, the Tempura Wizard, along with a Boogity will appear. Like the Eggplant Wizard, the Tempura Wizard launches projectiles at Pit; except Pit will turn into tempura if hit by their projectile. The Tempura Wizard will then attempt to eat Pit, and if he does, will instantly kill him, similar to the Orne. Once the pair is defeated, another treasure chest and a Drink of the Gods will appear as Pit's reward.

Pit will proceed further into the castle, defeating Medusa's defenders and will face her himself, although with Palutena's guidance.

Boss Battle

Medusa is the boss of this chapter. In the battle, Pit activates the Wings of Pegasus as the Power of Flight has already been used. The boss battle has three segments.

1st Stage

Medusa tries to keep Pit away by sending out roundish projectiles, petrified Skuttler, and laser like projectiles. The battle is continued in the air with Pit having to fire at Medusa. First Medusa will teleport, trying to avoid Pit's fire while shooting eye looking projectiles and also small boulder looking objects that stay on the screen and explode after a short while, if Pit runs into one of them it will cause damage. Medusa also has a rare attack where she will slash at Pit if he takes too long to damage her.

2nd Stage

After enough damage to Medusa, Palutena will chain her legs to the ground, in this part Medusa will shoot fire bullets from her head, also she may reveal the mouth on the palm on her hand which will breathe out poisonous gases, send kiss like projectiles, or if it takes long enough slash at Pit. She will send out explosive charges that will explode once hit, she will use these to stop Pit from moving around too much making it harder to avoid her attacks.

3rd Stage

After she takes enough damage, Medusa transforms into her more monstrous form. Her head then flies off of her body and begins to chase Pit around the arena. The head has three attacks: Firing eye shaped projectiles, firing a large beam, and firing dark energy blasts. Once enough damage is done the head will return to her body and Pit will need to shoot the eye to end the boss battle.



Hades, right after tearing through the credits.

However, before Pit and Palutena celebrate their victory, both it and the ending credits are interrupted by Hades. Revealing himself to be the one who revived Medusa, Hades explains that things are about to get more fun now, and declares that he will be a bigger threat than Medusa as Pit must now deal with his new enemy.


  • In the beginning of the boss battle with Medusa, the music that plays is "Boss Theme 2," but after she transforms into her monstrous form, "Boss Theme 1" plays instead.
  • Unlike most mini-bosses, the Underworld Gatekeeper has its own theme.
  • Pit can choose to use the Three Sacred Treasures or not before the chapter starts. This option is only available after the player has completed the chapter the first time.
  • This chapter introduces the vehicle known as the Aether Ring.
  • Each of the three sections that rehash the previous chapters has its own vehicle of the gods. Chapter 1's room has the Exo Tank, Chapter 3's room has the Aether Ring, and Chapter 5's room has the Cherubot.
  • This is the only chapter with two Air Battles, the first occurring during the start of the chapter when Pit flies his way to the Underworld Castle and the second occurring during the battle with Medusa.

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