Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship

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Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship



Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship/Transcript


Chapter 7: The Seafloor Palace


Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle

The Space-Pirate Ship is the eighth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This mission introduces the Space Pirates and the titular ship, which serves as the primary battleground of the chapter. Pit's goal in this part of the adventure is to take back the Three Sacred Treasures, which have been stolen inadvertently by the malicious pirates.

Air Battle

Pit begins this mission high above the clouds. Palutena explains the mission to Pit. She hid the Three Sacred Treasures, objects needed to defeat Medusa, inside constellations. However, the nefarious Space Pirates like to steal constellations, and in their latest trip to the Galactic Sea, they stole the treasures, along with the stars. She then says that the Underworld Army heard about it and is attacking the ship to get the treasures. So, Pit has to retrieve the treasures. Before long, Pit reaches the Galactic Sea. After he faces Underworld cohorts, the ship bursts out of the sea. If Pit bears downward towards the water upon reaching the Galactic Sea, the Space-Pirate Ship will hit him, sending him under the water. Then Pit trails the ship, under or oversea, and faces many Underworld foes. The ship begins firing its many lasers at Pit while Palutena searches for an opening. Eventually, Pit catches up enough that Palutena finds one and swerves Pit directly into the ship.

Land Battle

Pit crashlands into the ship. After entering the next room, Pit fights some Space Pirates. They are very formidable enemies, but Pit subdues them. He then travels across long hallways, fighting more pirates. Afterward, Pit goes into the generator room. In there, energy from the Galactic Sea is converted into power for the ship. Pit enters an elevator and goes to a new room; another long hallway. However, a Belunka crashes the party, and begins spewing out monsters. Pit takes care of them. In the same room, there's a 6.0 Intensity Gate.

The next room is a storage vault for the stolen constellations. It is a large room, and Jump Pads are required to traverse it. Hidden in the room is a Zodiac Chamber. There are many enemies to defeat. The next room contains new monsters, Collin and Phil. Defeat them to move on. In the next area, Pit is outside the ship, traversing pathways of light. If he falls off, he takes damage. In the next room, Pit will be attacked by Space Pirates. At the end, the door is sealed. Pit needs to melee a switch to open it. The next room has doors that spit out enemies. There will be two switches. Hitting the left switch opens the door, allowing passage.

The next room has two switches hidden in the wall. One opens the door. The other opens a chamber with a Treasure Box and two Pandora's Boxes. The next room contains two doors. The one in front of Pit has a hot spring. The other door is the way out, but if Pit heads to the left, he can get a free golden heart from a chute. Outside the ship again, many enemies will face off against Pit, including a Clubberskull. The next room contains a grind rail with some enemies. At the end, there is a chamber with many monsters. After the onslaught, two doors open up. One contains a Treasure Box hiding behind a wall. One of four switches will open it. The fourth one lets Pit nab the prize. The other door contains a Clubberskull attacking Space Pirates and eventually will target Pit. Past it is the last chamber leading to the boss.

Boss Battle


Pit facing the Kraken

The boss of this chapter is the Kraken, a beast native to the Galactic Sea, who has just eaten the Space Pirate Captain. Attacking the ship, Pit battles the creature before finding the chest holding the Three Sacred Treasures.

The first part of the battle consist of the Kraken attacking with its tentacles while its head remains underwater. To draw the beast out, Pit must attack and disable each tentacle. Once all the tentacles are gone, the boss's head appears. The Kraken now attacks by spitting energy orbs, firing energy blasts from its eyes, and using a blue beam in a vertical or horizontal sweep, the latter of which can be avoided by moving to the far left of the ship or dodging. After enough damage, the Kraken will be defeated and Pit will gain the Three Sacred Treasures.


  • Reapettes are encountered and fought during this mission, despite there being no visible Reapers nearby. This is a first for the series, as Reapettes typically don't appear unless a Reaper in the vicinity summoned them.
  • The Cancer Zodiac Chamber is in the constellation room of this chapter.

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