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Chapter 7: The Seafloor Palace



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Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship

The Seafloor Palace is the seventh chapter in the game Kid Icarus: Uprising. This chapter features the return of Thanatos, the God of Death, and introduces the god Poseidon. Pit's mission is to defeat Thanatos and claim the Underworld Key.

Air Battle

The aerial part of this chapter begins in a desert location with sand dunes spread across a vast distance. Palutena explains to Pit how Thanatos (who she still calls "Tanatos") has returned and is guarding an important item known as the Underworld Key. As Pit approaches the coastline at the edge of this desert, he is told by Palutena that he will have to hold his breath and dive underwater to reach the legendary palace. However, when he has qualms about doing so, Palutena instead decides to part the ocean to allow him to reach the palace without actually having to dive underwater. It isn't long before Poseidon reveals himself as the one who split the ocean, with Palutena playfully stating that she was simply having some fun with Pit. Despite being slightly annoyed by this fact, the sea god reveals that he fully supports Palutena's efforts against the Underworld Army. Meanwhile, Pit is led through many cavernous locations and ruins while avoiding numerous water-based enemies, including the dangerous Brawny Claws. He finally reaches the seafloor, where he proceeds to enter the palace while Poseidon closes the ocean.

Land Battle

The ground portion of this mission has Pit exploring the great halls of the palace, which resembles a massive underwater aquarium. Due to the lower temperatures of the area, this chapter introduces a pair of dangerous ice-based enemies—the classic Snowman, which can breathe gusts of frosty wind, and the blizzard-spawning Frozum. Thanatos, who added the extra "H" because it stands for "hamazing," constantly speaks during the entire mission, often making silly remarks rather than trying to intimidate the angel. At one point, Pit must ride a moving platform while avoiding enemies and walls that can push him off the edge. The palace is also littered with electrified obstacles that often move on paths, as well as some trap doors and water pits. Pit has to work his way through the rest of the palace in order to reach its throne room where the God of Death is waiting for him. There are a few ice-skating areas that make it hard to move around.

Intensity Gates

The first Intensity Gate is found in the starting room of the chapter, although it requires the maximum difficulty setting of 9.0 to enter it. A few enemies must be fought, and once they are defeated, the lock will disappear. There will be several small islands and an electrified floor after the enemies, but some of the islands contain food. A treasure chest is found near them and a Lightning of Judgment and a Drink of the Gods are at the end of the path.

The second Intensity Gate is found midway through the chapter and requires an intensity of at least 4.0. It contains a treasure chest guarded by two electric obstacles a pair of Frozums, and potentially a Bumbledrop. The floor of this room is also icy, making the fight a bit more challenging.

Boss Battle

The boss of this chapter is Thanatos, who utilizes his unique shape-shifting abilities throughout the match. He is the last of Medusa's commanders from the past. In his normal form, Thanatos is primarily a projectile user and will either unleash rapid fire energy beams from the appendages on his shoulders or a slower-moving blast that resembles a demonic face, which will inflict poison upon contact with Pit. During this fight, he will also take on a variety of different forms with unique attacks.

  • Russian Nesting Doll: Thanatos will change into a doll version of himself and will simply bounce around to attack. Shooting the red gem in his belly will cause the doll to open up and spawn a second, smaller doll. He continues doing this until the last doll is released, which is so small that it's hard to see.
  • Bat: he becomes much smaller but is able to warp around the room by transforming into a swarm of bats. He can also release bat-shaped energy projectiles.
  • Pot: he changes into a pot with his face in its opening, releasing skulls that must be hit back at him to cause damage.
  • Atlas Foot: he replicates the function of the Atlas Foot item, attempting to crush Pit. This is by far his largest form.
  • Sword/Spears: he transforms into a blade surrounded by spears, all of which are decorated with his skull ornament. Both the blade and the spears attack in this form.

All of Thanatos' forms appear if the intensity is set to at least 6.1. Upon being defeated, Thanatos will disappear and leave behind the Underworld Key, which will grant Pit access to the depths of the Underworld.


  • This is the only chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising that Poseidon makes an appearance in.
  • The music for the Land Battle segment, "At the Seafloor Palace," is a remix of the Fortress theme from the original Kid Icarus.
    • This music is later reused during the Land Battle of Chapter 24.
  • When the player comes to the area just before the trapdoor, some dialogue will play with Palutena telling Pit about the weapon he's currently wielding, be it a cannon, orbitars, etc.

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