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Chapter 6: Dark Pit



Chapter 6: Dark Pit/Transcript


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Dark Pit is the sixth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The boss of this chapter is Dark Pit. It takes place in a dangerous location plagued by numerous tornadoes, where a mountainous area with ruins serves as the ground-based battlefield below.

Air Battle

Chapter 6 - Air 02 medium

Dark Pit attacking Pit while airborne.

The chapter starts off in the cloudy sky lit by the sunset, where the dark angel strikes Pit from below before he even has a chance to fly. In this battle, Dark Pit is equipped with a black variation of the First Blade. After a quick midair battle, Dark Pit will fly off, although he will continue attacking throughout the chapter.

Land Battle

The ground portion of the chapter has Pit working his way through a mountainous area, where ruins are abundant. Dark Pit will often land to battle him as well as Underworld troops that might attack.

From the central area which has multiple paths, a single Underworld enemy will wander off towards one of the four paths. That will indicate the location to where Dark Pit is. Dark Pit will be encountered three times, with the first two battles being selected at random out of four possibilities:

  • At the alter, Dark Pit will be equipped with the EZ Cannon, while a few Underworld forces, such as Skuttlers, will attack both the angels.
  • At the open field, Dark Pit will be equipped with the Violet Palm, with Underworld forces around. There's also a Cherubot in the area that Pit can use to his advantage.
  • At the underground area, Dark Pit will be equipped with the Ogre Club. There will be a few Underworld troops around the area above ground but not below, allowing the two angels to fight without interference. Upon Dark Pit's defeat here, a hidden corridor can be found that leads to the Gemini Zodiac Chamber.
  • At the top of the mountain, Dark Pit will be equipped with the Dark Pit Staff. He'll snipe at Pit from a distance. Pit himself must pass through Underworld forces, including a Merenguy, in order to attack. Alternatively, if Pit is equipped with a long-range weapon (such as a Staff or the Earthmaul Club), then he can attack Dark Pit from afar as well.

Once Dark Pit has been defeated twice, Palutena will set up a Grind Rail in the middle of the ruins for Pit that will lead to the last encounter with Dark Pit, who will be equipped with a Silver Bow and will also serve as this chapter's boss.

Boss Battle

Dark Pit serves as the boss of this chapter. As Pandora's powers grant him unlimited flight, Dark Pit will mostly hover over the arena, out of reach from Pit's melee attacks. Dark Pit is now equipped with the Silver Bow; thus, he is able to use the bow's special attack that allows him to fire upwards, causing arrows to rain from the sky. This attack can be avoided as the platform Pit is standing on will begin to glow. Dark Pit also attacks by charging at Pit while radiating with energy. After enough damage, Dark Pit is defeated but flies away.


  • The Zodiac Chamber in this chapter can only be accessed if Dark Pit is fought and defeated in the Underground Temple.
  • It is completely random which two areas Dark Pit will appear when the chapter is played. However, the floating platforms will always be his third location.

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