The following is a transcript for the English version of Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight.

Air Battle

(Pit rushes to the door to start the level.)

Pit: Here we go!

(Pit leaps through the door and flies through the air.)

Pit: So, what's our mission this time?

Palutena: You remember Reapers, don't you? From the Underworld?

Pit: Not those guys!

(The Touch Screen displays the classic, 8-bit appearance of the Reaper from the original Kid Icarus.)

Pit: They're always freaking out and calling in their little Reapettes. Ugh, I'm getting worked up just thinking about it!

Palutena: Yes, anyway... About the Reapers...

Pit: Sorry, sorry, go on.

Palutena: They have a fortress near the entrance to the Underworld in Reaper Valley.

Pit: Heh. Which is where? Reaper Boulevard? But seriously, thank goodness we don't have to go there, right?

Palutena: ...

Pit: That silence means we have to go there, doesn't it? Will you at least tell me why you want to go to a place crawling with Reapers?

Palutena: I'm trying to find another one of Medusa's commanders, Pandora.

(The Touch Screen displays the classic, 8-bit appearance of Pandora from the original Kid Icarus.)

Pit: The goddess of disaster and calamity? THAT Pandora?

Palutena: Yes, and she's currently residing in the Labyrinth of Deceit... However, some force in the Reaper fortress is obscuring the labyrinth's location. I can't find it, not even with my all-seeing Eye of Palutena.

Pit: Wait, if you have an all-seeing eye, why can't you see Pandora's location?

Palutena: Because of my slightly botched laser eye surgery.

Pit: Are you messing with me again?

Palutena: Maybe. Regardless, your job for now is to infiltrate the Reaper fortress!

Pit: R-roger that!

(As Pit continues, he spots red dots in the distance.)

Pit: What are those red lights?

Palutena: Are they...

(Red lasers suddenly shoot out from the dots.)

Palutena: ...Reaper eyes?!

Pit: This is really bad!

(Pit narrowly dodges the red lasers.)

Palutena: We need to find you a safe route.

(A ravine comes into view.)

Palutena: Down there is your only option!

(Palutena sends Pit into the ravine.)

Palutena: This ravine should take you to the Reaper fortress. But it's tight, so be careful. If you get stuck, I won't have time to get you out.

Pit: Man, things are really heating up! Time to bust through here! Full speed ahead!

Palutena: Excellent idea, Pit. Naturally, I had the same thought. Let me help.

(As Pit maneuvers through the ravine, a large gust of wind appears.)

Palutena: Is that a windstorm up ahead?! Hang on!

(Palutena sends Pit through the windstorm.)

Pit: Ow!

Palutena: Don't be such a baby. It's only wind. I mean, at least it's not poison or acid wind. Then you'd be in real trouble.

Pit: Ooh, lucky me.

Palutena: You're heading into a cave now. Be careful!

(Pit passes through the cave.)

Palutena: There are many enemies ahead!

Pit: I'll take care of 'em!

(Pit abruptly stops at a wall.)

Palutena: This looks like a dead end. There must be a way out... Hmm...

Palutena: Down there! I'm getting you out!

(Palutena sends Pit through another cave.)

Pit: The Underworld forces really stepped up their game!

Palutena: I doubt those underlings managed it on their own. It's a sure sign that Medusa is back in power.

(The exit of the cave comes into view.)

Palutena: You're almost there! 3... 2... 1... Contact!

(Pit arrives at the Reaper Fortress, where red lasers shoot at him from all directions.)

Pit: Whoooaaa! It's hot hot HOT here!

Palutena: There's no chance of getting in from above. You'll have to break through the front.

(Palutena sends Pit through the front of the fortress.)

Pit: Here we gooooo!

Land Battle

(Pit arrives inside the fortress, collapsed on the ground.)

Palutena: Pit! Are you all right?

(Pit gets to his feet.)

Pit: Never...better...

Palutena: Then let's get moving. The force obscuring Pandora is deep within this fortress.

(Pit proceeds to the doorway to the right.)

Palutena: Reapers may look all evil and crazy, but there's a good reason for that. They ARE evil and crazy. But here's a little tip: they won't bother you if you stay out of their sight.

(Pit enters an enclosed space full of enemies.)

Pit: Considering this is the Reaper fortress, there really aren't very many Reapers.

Palutena: There must be a huge soul harvest going on somewhere.

Pit: What do you mean?

Palutena: Reapers are soul carriers. When a being dies, they take its soul to the Underworld. The humans probably started another war, which means a lot more souls to deal with.

Pit: Why are they always fighting? It's so sad and pointless.

Palutena: Yes, but we gods fight too, and when we do, humans are always caught in the middle.

Pit: So, this war against the Underworld Army is causing the Reapers to work overtime.

Palutena: I'M the one who should be working overtime. Then there'd be less soul harvesting... Humans get frustrated, even destructive, when we gods don't provide for their welfare.

Pit: Don't be ridiculous! Everyone loves the goddess of light! You know that!

Palutena: Thank you, Pit. I do my best. Now, then... Let's proceed.

  • [If Pit breaks open the boulder obscuring a secret area.]
Pit: Cool! A hidden area!
Palutena: Head inside.
  • [If Pit falls into the ditch with an Orne.]
Palutena: Uh-oh. There's an Orne around you, Pit.
Pit: Are you talking about the floating skull?
Palutena: Yes. The slightest touch from one of those will annihilate you.
Pit: That sounds painful. Not to mention totally unfair!
Palutena: Fair or not, just stay away from it. Try breaking nearby rocks to find a way out.

(Pit hops onto a Grind Rail.)

Pit: Whoa-ho-ho! Nice!

Palutena: That's a grind rail. It beats walking, huh? You can ride it right into the courtyard.

(Pit proceeds through the fortress and enters a room with an Eggplant Wizard.)

Pit: Not this guy!

Palutena: An Eggplant Wizard!

Pit: But I don't want to be an eggplant again!

Palutena: Way back when, you had to visit a nurse to get fixed up, remember?

Pit: I was there so much, they named the place after me: hosPITal. Get it?

Palutena: ......

Pit: It's funny. It's OK to laugh.

Palutena: No, it's really not. Anyway, there aren't any hospitals in this game.

Pit: WHAT?! But what am I gonna do?!

Palutena: Calm down, Pit. I can help you with this, too. If you're turned into an eggplant, my powers will transform you back. After a while.

Pit: Thanks, Lady Palutena!

(Pit enters a room with swinging blades.)

Pit: Those blades look like they could really put a hurt on someone.

Palutena: Be careful not to fall.

Pit: Oof!
Palutena: Don't panic, Pit, but there's a Clubberskull nearby. It's trapped for now, so I suggest leaving it alone. It's one dangerous enemy.
  • [If Pit attacks the Clubberskull.]
Palutena: The Clubberskull's loose! Get out of there!
  • [If Pit approaches the level 5 Intensity Gate for the first time during a playthrough on an intensity lower than 5.0.]
Pit: I don't think I can get through this way.
Palutena: For now, why don't you just go back?
  • [If Pit opens the level 5 Intensity Gate on a subsequent playthrough after triggering the previous dialogue beforehand.]
Pit: Oh, I guess I can get through here now.
Palutena: That's because you raised the Intensity level!

(Pit proceeds through the fortress.)

Palutena: There are Reapers creeping around in there. They'll summon Reapettes if they see you, so be careful.

(After Pit enters a room full of the enemies and defeats them, a Grind Rail appears.)

Pit: Nice, another grind rail.

Palutena: This one works a bit differently. As you're riding it, shoot the targets on the walls. This will extend the rail to your destination.

Pit: That sounds easy enough.

Palutena: Just keep in mind that you can try it as many times as you need to.

(Pit takes an elevator to a lower floor, where he encounters two different Hot Spring rooms.)

Palutena: Well, well. It appears that this place is equipped with some hot springs.

Pit: Woo hoo! I could use a little R and R right about now!

  • [If Pit approaches the purple Hot Spring room.]
Palutena: There's something strange about this hot spring...
Pit: Huh?
Palutena: The steam seems a little...evil.
Pit: Uuhh... That's probably not a good sign. I'll just keep moving.

(Pit heads down a hall with guillotines.)

Palutena: You're closing in on the force that's obscuring Pandora's location.

Pit: Yeah, I figured the evil lighting wasn't just for show.

(Pit heads through the doorway.)

Boss Battle

(Pit enters a room with a single Reaper patrolling the area. The Reaper then notices him and transforms into the Great Reaper.)

Pit: No way!

Palutena: It's gigantic!

(The battle initiates.)

Pit: What IS that thing?

Palutena: That Great Reaper must be the one who's hidden Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. This area is split into two levels, so just switch levels depending on how it attacks.

Pit: You say that like it's easy!

Palutena: That's because it IS easy!

Palutena: Those aren't just flirty looks coming from the Great Reaper's eyes!

Pit: Lemme guess—they're death rays?!

Palutena: In a nutshell. Plus, if you get hit, it'll summon Reapettes. That Great Reaper has quite the evil eye.

Pit: How can you make puns at a time like this?!

Palutena: I guess I just don't SEE the problem with a little levity.

Pit: Ugh! You're killing me here!

Palutena: I think I've found the Great Reaper's weak points. They're its head and little toes.

Pit: Oh, yeah! Stubbing those guys hurts like crazy!

Palutena: But it's more effective to target the head. The head is a weak spot for many enemies and...most living things.

(Once enough damage is dealt, light will begin to shine from the center of the Great Reaper's forehead.)

Palutena: Now! Finish it!


Palutena: The light coming from its head. Strike there!

Pit: Gotcha!

(Pit defeats the Great Reaper.)

Pit: All done!

Palutena: Nice work, Pit!


(Light bursts from the Great Reaper's head as it falls to the ground, and Pit begins to walk away.)

Pit: You know what, Lady Palutena?

Palutena: What's that, Pit?

Pit: Even though I almost died, I've really enjoyed our time together.

Palutena: Aw, you poor guy. You really need to make some friends.

(Pit's eyes widen and he scratches his head. A light then shines down on him.)

Palutena: Now let's go find Pandora!

(Palutena whisks him away.)

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