Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight

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Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight



Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight/Transcript


Chapter 3: Heads of the Hewdraw


Chapter 5: Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit

The Reaper's Line of Sight is the fourth chapter in the main storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. This mission has Pit traversing a new area called the Reaper Fortress in order to find the location of Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. As its name suggests, this area is the home of Medusa's most trusted lookouts, the Reapers. In order to get to the fortress, Pit must get through a very dangerous ravine infested with Underworld monsters and other traps, all the while avoiding the Reapers that patrol the location. The key to doing this is to stay out of the red light given off by the Reapers' eyes, hence the name of the chapter.

Air Battle

Unlike the previous chapters, Pit doesn't start this mission in the sky. Instead, Palutena begins guiding him through the ravine that leads to the Reaper Fortress. The corridors of the ravine are filled with Underworld troops, as well as multiple traps, such as walls that close in on Pit. The biggest obstacles would be the Reapers themselves, which stand in various spots along the walls of the ravine. Their laser eyesight can be seen by Pit, and the Reapers will only react if Pit flies directly through them. In doing so, the activated Reaper will summon multiple Reapettes in the same way it did in the original Kid Icarus. Aside from these hazards, there is also a heavy wind current that forces Pit in a different direction and gets Palutena lost in the process. Once she finds an alternate route, Pit is able to get past the Reapers and make it to the fortress. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the Reaper Fortress suddenly unleashes a heavy barrage of lasers that forces Pit to fly straight through the gateway of the structure.

Land Battle

New traps and obstacles litter the fortress, including spikes that rise out of the ground and Monoliths that move across the floors of the area. In addition, a new hazard, the Orne, appears in this level. If it touches Pit, it will instantly and unconditionally defeat him. The Reaper Fortress also introduces the Grind Rail to Pit, which can be used to get to new locations. In addition, the Reapers themselves will be patrolling every corner of the fortress with their line of sight. If Pit falls within this laser sight, the Reaper will begin to pursue him, while summoning its Reapettes to chase after him as well.

There is an Intensity Gate which requires a minimum of 5.0 Intensity in order to access. Various enemies, including two Reapers and a Souflee will appear on the way back.

There is also a Zodiac Chamber in the Fortress, found in the chamber containing the Clubberskull

Boss Battle

When Pit enters the chamber at the center of the fortress, a normal Reaper will appear and begin panicking upon seeing Pit. As it turns out, this particular Reaper is actually the Great Reaper, who rules over all the others. It will reveal its true form soon after, beginning this challenging boss battle. The Great Reaper has numerous attacks and will use different strategies depending on what level of the arena Pit is standing on.

Ground Level

  • The Great Reaper will slowly walk towards Pit, damaging him by simply hitting him with his feet. After depleting a certain amount of its health, the Reaper will begin stomping much faster, making it increasingly difficult to evade.
  • Upon getting close enough to Pit, the Reaper will pause and try to stomp on Pit with much more force.
  • If it's attacked too much, the Great Reaper may jump up into the air and try to land on Pit. It may also jump a multitude of times in order to both attack and evade Pit.

Upper Level

  • The Great Reaper fires lasers from its eyes. If Pit is hit, The Great Reaper follows up by summoning three Reapettes that will follow him around until they are dealt with. If Pit is fast enough, he can stop the Reaper from summoning Reapettes by attacking him with a charged shot.
  • The Great Reaper plants its scythe horizontally on the Upper Level, then swings it.
  • The Great Reaper plants its scythe vertically on the Upper Level, then fires three blades of energy at Pit.
  • The Great Reaper spins around, attempting to land consecutive hits on Pit. This attack is used when the light on the Reaper's head is exposed.

After sustaining enough damage, a yellow light on the Reaper's head will be exposed. Pit must fire at this light to finish the Great Reaper. After enough damage, the Reaper will be defeated.

The Great Reaper utters one final roar before falling to the ground, dead. Pit then calls out to Palutena and tells her that even though he nearly died, he really enjoyed their time together. Palutena responds by playfully telling him he needs to make more friends before extracting him.


  • Depending on the intensity level of the chapter, two small Ornes may appear around a vase that shoots out Shemums.

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