Chapter 25: The War's End

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Chapter 25: The War's End



Chapter 25: The War's End/Transcript


Chapter 24: The Three Trials


Boss Battle

The War's End is the final chapter of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It features the final battle with Hades. In this battle Pit is equipped with the Great Sacred Treasure. The battle is basically a long air battle split into five parts.

Air Battle and Boss Battle

The chapter begins with Pit activating the Great Sacred Treasure and flying through the Underworld to find Hades, with both Palutena and Viridi watching with great anticipation. After Pit effortlessly slays Underworld troops (Monoeyes, Wave Anglers, Petribombers, and Belunkas) with the powerful weapon, Hades jumps out of the ground. After their trademark interaction, the battle begins.

Phase 1

In this phase, Hades will execute many powerful attacks, such as firing a laser, attempting to crush the Great Sacred Treasure with his hands, and leaping in the air and trying to smash it with his fist (only to get his arm temporarily stuck in the ground). The Great Sacred Treasure will automatically dodge these moves, while Pit must focus on the projectiles Hades fires with his cape and hands. Hades will eventually create a nearly unavoidable twister by spinning rapidly, then sprint after the angel while bombarding him with more energy blasts. After enough damage, Hades will fall to the ground, with Pit wondering aloud if he has beaten him. Hades remarks that he's fine, but could've sprained his ankle. He then attempts to crush Pit with his foot, then flies towards the surface world to refuel on souls. Pit engages the Treasure's Pursuit Mode and flies after him.

Phase 2

Pit manages to catch up to Hades, who unveils his Devastation Ensemble, sprouting turrets on his legs. Pit must destroy all the turrets on his legs as he moves up towards his cape. Once the fight moves to his cape, it will begin to sprout guns with Hades's face. The face guns can be destroyed with a single charged shot. Hades weak spot is the large orb on the cape's collar. once it's destroyed, Hades will fire a multitude of homing lasers at Pit. Adapting to the damage, the Great Sacred Treasure engages its Mech Armor mode, much to Hades's annoyance.

Phase 3

Hades unveils the rest of his Devastation Ensemble, sprouting more turrets on his arms and chest. Pit can destroy the turrets to make this phase easier. Hades will then create a vortex on his hand while firing more energy blasts from his eyes. Pit can fire at the vortex to destroy it (to make the process easier) and repeat the process on the other hand. Hades will then generate more turrets on his chest as well as a small shield. He will also generate pink balls that unleash shots, but can be destroyed with charged shots. Pit must destroy the shield and fire at the gash in his chest left by the Lightning Chariot. After enough damage, Hades will grab Pit, create a drill on his chest and attempt to drill off the armor. However, the top portion detaches from the armor, brandishes a laser sword, and slices Hades in half. But even this is not enough to defeat the god, who flies towards the surface world undeterred. Pit engages the Treasure's Ultralight mode and chases after Hades, who generates a new pair of legs, much to Pit's surprise.

Phase 4

Hades will fire two types of energy blasts: blue shots and purple shots. The blue shots must be destroyed, while the purple shots will cause unavoidable damage if destroyed. Pit must fire at the blue shots and avoid the purple shots, while firing at the large weakspot on Hades' stomach. After enough damage, Hades will stop firing energy blasts and begin launching small monoliths that cannot be destroyed. Among them are red monoliths that shoot fireballs.

After enough damage, Pit will charge at Hades, only for him to teleport and destroy what remains of the Great Sacred Treasure. Pit must align himself with the ground to land safely or it's an automatic game over. Once he does, Hades will begin charging his deadliest attack. Palutena states that she can feel an outside force seeking Hades. Pit must guide the force by keeping his reticle on Hades. If he fails to do so, Hades will fire, resulting in an automatic game over. If Pit succeeds, the force is revealed to be a revived Medusa, who decapitates Hades before he fires. She claims that she has grown tired of being Hades' puppet and attacks him again. Hades, angered, regrows his head and uppercuts Medusa, killing her instantly. Viridi activates the Power of Flight as Pit grabs the Great Sacred Treasure's main cannon.

Phase 5

For the final phase, Palutena will use her powers to charge the main cannon, while Pit must avoid the continuous lasers Hades fires as well as the occasional laser from his head. This is not easy as the main cannon causes Pit to fly slower than normal. Once the cannon is powered up, Viridi will yell at Pit to fire, finishing Hades once and for all.

Alternative dialogue will play if Pit continues to fire the gun while it's not charged.


With Hades finally defeated, the people of the nearby town begin to celebrate as Pit flies above the area in victory. Before he can enjoy his moment, however, Viridi interrupts and states that they're back to the real problem, humans. She says that it's true that Palutena says that humans are the closest, she can be real sap sometimes, and asks Pit why he cares so much about that. Pit explains to Viridi that humans are the only living creatures with faith and devotion, meaning that only humans believe in, and respect gods. Viridi states that Pit is not a god, and asks him if he's saying that only believers deserve protection. Palutena tells Viridi to let Pit enjoy his moment in the sun, and that he saved everyone, not just humans. Viridi then asks if the only point of faith and devotion is getting greedy wishes granted by the gods. Pit tells her that that's one way of looking at it, before he is distracted by Dark Pit flying alongside him, having been granted the Power of Flight by Palutena. Viridi tells Pit to pay attention to her, and asks Palutena if she's learned anything. Palutena says that it's true that humans are selfish creatures who are driven by greed, while also pointing out that the gods are no different. Pit laughs, stating that no one could be as selfish as the gods. Viridi mimics Pit's laughter, stating that she's done here, and that they can have their happy ending as Pit and Dark Pit fly into the sunset. The credits play thereafter, highlighting the variety of friends and foes that Pit met over his journey.


  • The Boss Battle mode will become available; the player can individually face off against all the bosses except Hades with only five Drinks of the Gods to heal Pit.
  • Hades's Treasure Hunt will be unlocked.
  • The player can go to Options > Other > Hidden Options.
  • The player can turn off in-game dialogue by going to Hidden Options or pressing the X or Y buttons.
  • The player can choose between "Palutena's Temple" and "Viridi's Home" as their main menu theme.


  • After the credits have rolled, if the player remains on the end screen for roughly 5 minutes, bonus dialogue will play in which Hades congratulates Pit on his victory.

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