Chapter 24: The Three Trials

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Chapter 24: The Three Trials



Chapter 24: The Three Trials/Transcript


Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld


Chapter 25: The War's End

The Three Trials is the twenty-fourth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This chapter prepares Pit and Palutena for the second attempt to defeat Hades. Since the Three Sacred Treasures are destroyed by Hades, Pit is in need of some new weapons. For weaponry that Pit could use to defeat Hades once and for all, he needs help from Dyntos, God of the Forge, although he won't just give it to Pit. Dyntos challenges Pit to three trials so Pit could prove his power for defeating Hades. After the trials, Dyntos grants Pit the Great Sacred Treasure.

Air Battle

The mission starts at sunset, flying over some purple clouds. While flying and battling some monsters Palutena will release some more information about Dyntos. Pit will face all monsters including the Underworld troops, the Forces of Nature, the Aurum Army and even Palutena's Army. Suddenly, the sky will change color to a dark space with some floating ships and rocks. After that, Pit will fly into Dyntos' Workshop. When he gets back out, some strange obstacles will appear. At the end of the hall, Pit will run into three First Blades that will attack him, to avoid, move to the side of the screen as far as you can. Then a pair of Tiger Claws will attack; going in between the beams should avoid the attack (similar to Chapter 9 in the boss fight with Medusa). Then a Palutena Bow will attack, which can be avoided by moving to the bottom right corner of the screen. A little later, Pit will land.

Land Battle

The First Trial

The Land Battle sequence starts with a little conversation between Dyntos and Pit. Stand on the elevator and it will go up and Pit can visit the path to the left to the first trial (the path on the right will bring you to a Zodiac Chamber). But before that you'll have to battle some random monsters summoned. This can be really hard when played on a higher intensity. After Pit has beaten them all the first door will be unlocked and you can go face the first boss: the Phoenix.

After you killed the Phoenix, proceed and do just the same thing like you did the first time: defeating some monsters on your way to the second door. After the second is unlocked, take a look inside. The second challenge is Cragalanche. During the battle with Dyntos's replica of Cragalanche, Palutena states that Dyntos could create the worlds most powerful army, but Dyntos has no interest in this. Just like before, its butt is its weakness. When defeated, a stairway with some monsters followed by a big area with even more monsters appears, and a door that is unlockable after defeating all the enemies along the way.

This time the boss is Galactic Fiend Kraken. After the defeat of the Kraken, Pit asks Lord Dyntos where the new weapon is, but Dyntos asks Pit if he remembers the name of the chapter, Pit claims it was "The One Trial or something..." and Dyntos retaliates by saying, "You're a couple trials short there, sonny." There is a Drink of the Gods item that shows up that you can have after defeating the Space Kraken before moving on to the next trial.

The Second Trial

Magnus and dark lord gaol ch24

Magnus and Gaol.

You will be taken to Dark Lord Gaol's throne room by unknown means. The first half of the second trial is to defeat Magnus and Gaol (who on the bottom screen appears to have dropped her title of "Dark Lord"). In this battle you will have to defeat both Gaol and Magnus. Magnus can only attack in melee range; however, Gaol can attack from a distance, so it is recommended to go after Gaol first. Which ever one you defeat first, the first defeated drops a Drink of the Gods item. They may seem like replicas made by Dyntos, but they turn out to be the real people Pit met in his travels and must finish them off. After they are defeated, Dyntos sends them away.

The second half of the second trail is to defeat Palutena. There is no Chaos Kin above her and the only way to go farther is to hit her and she uses the attacks she used in Chapter 20, but once you get her to half health she turns into Pseudo-Palutena. With the real Palutena nowhere around, you defeat the fake, who says, ironically, "At least I'm beautiful" as you defeat her.

The Third Trial

Finally you come the third trial where you appear on a godly blue platform in an unknown place. Dyntos brings out The Great Sacred Treasure, which you will have to fight as your final test. You find out that Dyntos had put Palutena far away, for she tells Pit that she was asleep somewhere. The Great Sacred Treasure uses a wide variety of ranged shots. Its attacks range from many shots and tornadoes that have homing capabilities.

At half health, The Great Sacred Treasure warps to the edge of the blue platform and begins to charge a a massive attack with Palutena saying "Watch out, Pit!" The point is to avoid this attack. To avoid this, you will notice that half the blue platform is glowing red, which signals the attacks range, so run quickly to the blue area or the attack will instantly finish you. As The Great Sacred Treasure fires its massive attack, it destroys half of the platform. Now restricted to a smaller fight space, you have to finish it off.

After defeating Dyntos's creation, Pit hops inside and takes it for a joyride. Palutena tells Dyntos that "That was quite a few enemies for Three Trials," with Dyntos replying, "I might have thrown in a few freebies." Then Pit crashes The Great Sacred Treasure into the blue platform, which Palutena retracts Pit, along with the huge weapon, out.

Zodiac Chamber

The Zodiac Chamber is located near the start of the Land Battle. After heading up the elevator, Palutena will tell Pit to head up the stairs. However, if he turns and goes down the other stairs, there will be a Zodiac Chamber with some enemies guarding it.


The first Souflee is located in the Air Battle. Near the end, when the giant blades are coming at Pit, a Souflee will fly in, then fly away.

The second Souflee is located in the last arena area, before the Kraken. When the single Monoeye comes out to attack Pit, a Souflee will enter the area after a while. If the Monoeye is destroyed first, the Souflee will vanish.


  • All of the enemies encountered in this chapter are forged by Dyntos, with the exceptions of Magnus and Gaol.
  • Monoliths can be seen playing "Pong" on the left side of the screen during the Air Battle.
  • The music that plays at the beginning of this chapter is also the Fortress theme from the original Kid Icarus.
  • Parts of the music in the Air Battle segment is recycled from previous chapters. It plays part of the Land Battle theme from Chapter 12, part of the Land Battle theme from Chapter 7, and part of the Air Battle theme from Chapter 13.

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