Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld

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Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld



Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld/Transcript


Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers


Chapter 24: The Three Trials

Lord of the Underworld is the twenty-third chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. In this chapter, Pit starts off with the Three Sacred Treasures and tries to defeat Hades with them. After using them in an Air Battle, they are destroyed by Hades. After Hades takes more damage, he swallows Pit. This is where he starts the land battle. During this battle he is inside Hades, and the enemies look different. The enemies are in their cellular forms. As Pit progresses through the level, he continues to have to shoot cell platforms, which makes them shrink.

When shrunk, Pit can jump on them, and then they will expand again. Finally, at the end of the level, Pit has to fight Hades's Heart. During the boss battle, he has to maneuver around walls and can even shoot over them to hit his heart but only with weapons that have good homing. The heart can also create duplicates of itself that blow up and shoot beams down the paths between the walls. In addition, the heart can hurt Pit by running in to him. The red heart is the real heart, and the yellow heart is the one that explodes and fires lasers.

Upon defeating the heart, Dark Pit pierces through Hades with the Lightning Chariot and rescues Pit from the inside of Hades's chest. Palutena extracts them just as Hades attempts to crush the both of them upon their escape. Hades feels the pain from Dark Pit's attack but shakes it off as he is still alive.

Intensity Gate

The Intensity Gate can be found around the Land Level's beginning; it is to the left of the two green platforms, which Pit can shoot to lower. The door requires Intensity 8 difficulty, and inside is a small room with a Treasure Box.


  • All of the enemies encountered in this chapter are cellular versions of other Underworld enemies, with the exception of Boogities.
  • The climax of the air battle is different if the chapter is played without the Three Sacred Treasures. Instead of Pit panicking about losing them, he'll call Hades's breath raunchy. The rest plays out the same.
  • The part in which Hades eats Pit may be a possible reference to Greek mythology, where Hades himself is consumed by his father, Cronus.
  • This chapter is the only odd-numbered chapter that has a Zodiac Chamber.

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