Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers

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Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers



Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers/Transcript


Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex


Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld

Scorched Feathers is the twenty-second chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The player controls Dark Pit the whole chapter, and his mission is to revive Pit and give him new feathers. The player starts by controlling Dark Pit through the sky somewhere above a forest, but later he arrives at a city of death. Hades tries to stop him from reaching the spring he needs to reach by sending out a lot of enemies. While flying, Dark Pit encounters the Soul-Eating Monster and engages it in battle.

When he arrives at the Rewind Spring, Pandora steals Dark Pit's powers and comes back to life, but this time she is red instead of blue. After some time, she submerges herself in the spring and becomes Amazon Pandora.

When she is defeated, Dark Pit places Pit into the spring, and Pit's wings are restored. After recovering, Pit sees Dark Pit, who attempts to flee to hide his good will. However, as Dark Pit jumps over the edge, it is shown that he can no longer fly indefinitely; he starts falling, while Viridi calls out that she'll recover him. Pit and Palutena tell each other that they are happy to be reunited.

Boss Battle

The battle starts with a battle with regular Pandora, after being revived by Dark Pit's power in his wings, with the same attacks as Chapter 5, only this time she's red. After Pandora takes some damage, almost the same amount of time it took until Dark Pit appeared in Chapter 5. When that happens a cutscene will show her soaking in the Rewind Spring. When she comes out she will be Amazon Pandora. The battle starts with Amazon Pandora summoning two Pandora's Boxes and Capture Circles she also summons bombs like normal Pandora. However this time Amazon Pandora will try to hit the bombs back at you. She also has a sword that she uses on occasion, she spins around while holding the sword at her head. After taking significant damage she fakes dying but soon after she summons a volley of heart shaped projectiles. She then summons heart shaped mirrors that reflect your shots back at you. After that the battle continues like normal until Amazon Pandora's defeat.


  • This chapter has no land battle, due to Dark Pit's ability to fly on his own for however long he pleases.
  • This marks the first time in the series in which the entire level is spent controlling a character other than Pit.
  • This is the only even-numbered chapter that has no Zodiac Chamber.

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