Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex

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Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex



Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex/Transcript


Chapter 20: Palutena's Temple


Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers

The Chaos Vortex is the twenty-first chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. In this chapter, Pit must venture into the Chaos Vortex to retrieve Palutena's soul from the Chaos Kin.

Air Battle

Pit flies into the Chaos Vortex in pursuit of the Chaos Kin. The Chaos Vortex is one of the more bizarre levels. At several points during the air battle, eyes will start appearing en masse, but do not cause any harmful effect to Pit. Various enemies from most factions are fought in the air battle, and since they are created from the Chaos Kin, do not attack each other. Pit will later be attacked by shadows of himself and clones of the Chaos Kin; both foes can be killed easily with a few shots. After destroying the Chaos Kin clones, Pit will find the real Chaos Kin, and will pursue it. While pursuing the Chaos Kin, various enemies will try to protect it from you. The Chaos Kin also uses a vertical wave attack which can be easily avoided while pursuing it. Pit will need to defeat the Chaos Kin quickly; if he fails to do so, Viridi be forced to leave Pit behind in the Chaos Vortex due to the time limit with the Power of Flight.

Land Battle

The land portion of the chapter, as Viridi puts it, is an endurance match between Pit and the Chaos Kin. The Chaos Kin will continually send out waves of enemies, just like in the Air Battle, will not fight with each other. All common factions (Underworld, Forces of Nature and Aurum) will appear in each wave, and all enemies must be cleared (excluding invincible enemies; those disappear once all the others are defeated) After wave 8, Dark Pit will come and assist you in clearing the remaining four waves. If you accidentally attack Dark Pit, he will retaliate back.

Boss Battle

The Chaos Kin serves as the boss of this chapter. It attacks by firing dark energy blasts, laser blasts from its eye, fireballs, and charging at the angels. The Chaos Kin is very fast, often circling the arena, however, Viridi has set up an Electro Trap that Pit can use to trap the Chaos Kin, making attacking it more easier. Dark Pit is a valuable ally in this fight as he can distract the Chaos Kin long enough for Pit to attack him.


After taking enough damage, the Chaos Kin is defeated. Palutena's soul returns to her, and her body returns to normal. Just as Pit and Palutena reunite, however, The Chaos Kin comes back to life, but rather than go after Palutena again, it uses the last of its strength to trap Dark Pit and send him falling off the arena, likely trying to possess him or simply to kill him in general. Pit begs Viridi to grant him the Power of Flight to save Dark Pit, and though Viridi objects at first, she reluctantly agrees, causing Pit's wings to catch fire. The player will need to line themselves up with Dark Pit in order to trigger the next cutscene. After doing so, Pit is able to grab Dark Pit and Viridi is able to teleport them to safety. It is revealed, however, that even though Dark Pit is safe, Pit's wings have been burnt off, revealing the bone underneath. Palutena walks to the body and cradles her soldier, remembering his own wish to fly on his own.


  • This chapter features the only hot spring seen in an Air Battle.
    • Additionally, it is the last chapter with a hot spring.
  • This is also the only level where a Clobbler can be seen in air battle.

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