Chapter 20: Palutena's Temple

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Chapter 20: Palutena's Temple



Chapter 20: Palutena's Temple/Transcript


Chapter 19: The Lightning Chariot


Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex

Palutena's Temple is the twentieth chapter of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the third chapter of the Chaos Kin arc.


The chapter starts out with Pit riding the Lightning Chariot in space towards Palutena's Temple to see Palutena. He uses warp tunnels to move extremely fast to break through the force field surrounding it. Once there, Pit telepathically speaks with Palutena and discovers that she is now evil. Pit must now fight his way through the Centurion army to get to her. When asked about, Viridi tells Pit that he was to blame for the worldly chaos because he had destroyed the Lunar Sanctum, which was actually a prison containing the Chaos Kin. After hearing an explanation, Pit learns that Palutena is really under the Chaos Kin's control. After making it to Palutena, Pit defeats the Chaos Kin and frees her. However, the Chaos Kin swiftly plucks Palutena's soul from behind her when she is recuperating, and flees for its home dimension, Chaos Vortex, by flying through a dimensional tear it makes with its claw. Pit chases after it but the rift quickly shrinks making him unable to pass through. Coming to the rescue, Dark Pit slams into the shrinking space-tear using the Lightning Chariot, causing it to open up for an extended time. Afterwards Viridi tells Pit to return to her sanctuary and save his game before continuing.

Intensity Gates

The first intensity gate in this chapter requires intensity level 5.0 or more, and is found after first entering the first building, past the first door, on the left wall (you can't miss it). It contains a Treasurefish (be sure to kill it while it is floating over land or the treasure will fall off), and if you defeat all the enemies (3 Syrens and a Mega Mussel), a regular Treasure Box will appear.

The second intensity gate requires 8.0 intensity or more, and is found in the temple area where you have to get a key to unlock a wall and summon a bridge to move forward. It is found underground in the cross-sections where the key is found. There is a regular treasure box behind it.

Zodiac Chamber

In the area of Palutena's temple (with the jail cells) press the button nearest to the chamber. Enter the cell with the Skuttler Mage, and walk through the (fake) wall. The Zodiac chamber weapon is the Capricorn Club.


The first Souflee that appears is during the air battle. It only appears if you defeat all the monsters that appear before it would appear, which is before the first meteor comes at you and the Syren monster wave. It will run all around, but if you wait on the top, right-hand side of the meteor that is slowly coming you will hit it with Phos and Lux (which lets you save your charged shot for the Syren that will come right after).

The second Souflee appears after the 5.0 Intensity Gate after defeating all the enemies while still on the platforms. It will fall from the sky at the spot the Mega Mussel used to be and flee backward towards where Pit came from so attacking it quickly should finish it.


  • This is the last chapter to feature usable vehicles (in this case, the Exo Tank).
  • The air battle of this chapter is the most differently programmed compared to the other ones. Rather than the usual air battle mechanics, Pit rides the Lightning Chariot to reach his destination, and it plays like a starshooter.
  • During the boss battle, defeating Palutena instead of the Chaos Kin results in a Game Over.
  • The most common weapons found in this chapter are Drill Arms, Angel Bows, Burst Blades, Dynamo Cannons and Capricorn Clubs.

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