Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena

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Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena



Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena/Transcript


Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord

The Return of Palutena is the first chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It features Pit himself, the goddess Palutena, and the main antagonist, Medusa. This chapter also helps to explain the controls to the player, as well as the mission at hand.

Air Battle

At the start of the level, Palutena does a refresher on controls before telling Pit the current problem: the Underworld Army is invading, with a revived Medusa as the commander. After a while, Medusa appears before Pit and talks about how she has been revived. She then disappears, and the Underworld Army moves to attack a nearby town. Palutena then explains to Pit about the Power of Flight, and as they approach the town, the townspeople are seen cheering for Pit and Palutena before Pit lands.

Land Battle

Upon reaching the ground, Palutena will explain the ground control scheme once again. Pit will have to proceed through the streets of the town but will now be in full control of his movement. Underworld troops will be everywhere and are just as dangerous on the ground as they are in the air. Pit must battle through the streets and defeat all of the enemies. When Pit goes forward from the town center, Medusa will send down Twinbellows, which looks like a ball of fire and will hop towards the colosseum, seemingly setting it ablaze in the process. Pit must then make his way to the structure to face the boss of the mission. A multitude of staircases lead up to the colosseum, lined with various enemies. As Pit makes his way to the top, something from inside the colosseum will randomly toss out a giant metal ball that will roll back down the staircases after him. Once Pit makes it past all of these obstacles, he will be free to enter the colosseum itself and face the boss.

Intensity Gate

An Intensity Gate with a requirement of at least 5.0 intensity can be found if Pit turns right at the town center. Inside, Pit will face an Underworld Crawler and a few other enemies. He will obtain a treasure upon victory.

Boss Battle

Twinbellows Uprising

Pit facing Twinbellows.

The boss of this chapter is Twinbellows, the two-headed guard dog of the Underworld. It was summoned by Medusa as a flaming ball of fire to secure her hold on the town. Twinbellows moves very fast in battle and becomes tougher as its health is depleted.

Flame Burst: Twinbellows will shoot flame projectiles at Pit.

Flamethrower: Twinbellows will breath flames and use them to hurt Pit.

Flaming Charge:Twinbellows will be engulfed in a fiery aura, then charge at Pit several times.

Tail Swipe: When close and behind him, Twinbellows will swipe at Pit with it's tail.

Claw Slash: An alternative to the flaming charge, Twinbellows will jump towards Pit and slash with one of it's claws. This is the only attack without a fire attribute.

Note that all his attacks have a fire attribute, which will burn Pit.

When the beast is defeated, Medusa will finally surrender the town and her troops will retreat, which means a victory in the level.


  • It's possible to go through this chapter without earning any hearts.
  • It's possible to complete this chapter by only defeating Twinbellows.

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