Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos

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Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos



Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos/Transcript


Chapter 17: The Aurum Brain


Chapter 19: The Lightning Chariot

The Ring of Chaos is the eighteenth chapter in the game Kid Icarus: Uprising. In this chapter, Pit awakens to find himself as a gold ring with the name "Chaos Kin" stuck in his mind and must now investigate what has happened.

Land Battle

Pit awakens to find that he has somehow been turned into a gold ring. A young girl picks up the "Pit" ring and puts it on her finger, allowing Pit to control her movements, which are really slow despite the girl being little and light. After walking down a small slope, he notices Centurions fighting in the town ahead. He wonders if Palutena had sent them to protect the town. As he continues down to see if he can assist, he trips on a rock, making the young girl fall and lose the ring. A dog sniffs it and picks it up, making Pit able to control the dog. The dog can run very fast and not tire out. He notices the girl must have run off and continues his way down. He also notices his body attacking something in the town, which makes him wonder who is controlling his body. As he continues on through the destroyed town, he finds Magnus fighting off Centurions. He calls out to him but can't (as he is still a dog). He jumps onto Magnus and keeps swinging the ring around his face, imploring Magnus to take it. Magnus looks at it and throws it away. Seeing as Pit is not controlling anything, he cannot move. Magnus looks back, but continues walking. He stops once more, and heads back to the ring, putting it on and allowing Pit to control him

Pit, inside Magnus, can hear Magnus talking, and vice versa. Pit asks why everything around him is happening, and Magnus explains that it has been three years since Pit and Magnus fought together in Dark Lord Gaol's Castle. He explains Pit had become the enemy of mankind, and Palutena's Army vanished. After vanishing, the army came back and attacked mankind, making the Underworld Army, Palutena's Army, and the Forces of Nature at war with mankind. Pit states he needs to go back to his own body, which had just destroyed the town. Magnus was ironically going to kill Pit anyway, as that was the reason for him being there.

Boss Battle

Pit's Body

Pit's soulless body.

After battling through Centurions in the town, they arrive at a cliff where a silent Pit attacks. An eerie low boom can be heard when Pit's body appears. He is expressionless, and his eyes have no emotion, as if someone is pulling the strings, controlling his body. Magnus must now defeat Pit's body without killing Pit.

In this battle, Pit's body wields a Darkness Bow. This battle is somewhat tricky due to Magnus' lack of ranged attacks, forcing him to wait until Pit's body stops attacking before moving in to attack. After enough damage, Magnus manages to defeat the soulless puppet. Magnus places the ring on Pit's body, which breaks the ring. Magnus wakes Pit, making Pit do a little pose saying he's back in the game as he straightens his laurel crown. Pit then wonders how he is going to return to Skyworld. When asked by Magnus why he can't just fly to Skyworld, Pit tells him that he cannot fly, nor extract himself back to home, and that Palutena was the one doing these things. He calls out, but no answer comes from Palutena. He gets the Power of Flight, not from Palutena but from Viridi!

Air Battle

As Pit flies to Skyworld, he finds it to be completely devastated. (Pit's wings become green instead of the regular blue color, with flight aid from Viridi.) As he is at the temple, Palutena shows up, not even looking at Pit, and tells him she's tired of fighting for the "ungrateful humans" and that "Gods change, too". What hurts Pit the most, is when she says, "And I'm especially tired of dealing with you!". He tells Viridi that Palutena's being manipulated, and wants her to send him in. As she warns him, she allows him to fly there. Pit is hit by a force field, and is knocked back (Pit then yells that she totally set him up for that). Viridi takes him to her version of the preparation screen. Everything is there, and is the same, with only the difference of it being a Nature version.


  • This is the only chapter that is played in the order of Land Battle, Boss Battle, and finally, Air Battle.
  • The Aries Zodiac Chamber is located in this level.
  • This is the only chapter that does not conclude with a boss fight.
  • At the beginning, when the Ring of Chaos is being shown onscreen, the player can move the Circle Pad to make the ring shake.
  • The music that plays during the Air Battle of this chapter is a remix of Chapter 12's soundtrack.
  • This is the only chapter whose boss image doesn't appear in the credits. Instead, the girl, the dog, and the ring appear.

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