Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders

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Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders



Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders/Transcript


Chapter 14: Lightning Battle


Chapter 16: The Aurum Hive

Mysterious Invaders is the fifteenth chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the first chapter in the Aurum arc. It introduces the player to Pyrrhon, the (self-proclaimed) god of the sun. The chapter takes place early in the morning.

Air Battle

Early in the morning, Pit is called to aid in a serious matter. He awakens to see an unknown object destroying parts of the earth and mysterious enemies on the offensive. Viridi and Hades both claim that they are not behind any of the attacks, and Palutena states that they are alien life forms. As the battle continues, the self-proclaimed Sun God, Pyrrhon, enters the fray. He explains about these forces, the Aurum, and tells of their plan to destroy the earth. As Pyrrhon fights some of their forces, Pit and Palutena set their sights on a group of floating islands. After some arguing from Viridi, Palutena, and Pit regarding who called the Aurum to earth, they learn that they must team up to defeat them. Palutena points out Pit's goal, and the land battle begins.

Land Battle

Once Pit lands, he notices how well-structured the islands are for being patched together. He also notices the abundance of activity and lack of life, and he theorizes that a boss will appear and greet him with "Mwa ha ha! I've been waiting for you, Pit!" Pit goes through the interior structures of the island, where he encounters new enemies like Sios and Zaurums, as well as elevators that lead him down to a Mimicutie and move a Hot Spring away from him. Afterwards, Pit finds an Exo Tank. He is excited, Hades is irritated, and the goddesses are confused as to why it's on the Aurum Island. After another unfortunate encounter with a Mimicutie, Palutena sets up some Grind Rails. However, they were corrupted by the Aurum, and were crooked. This doesn't stop Pit, however, as he continues to grind and defeat enemies, including a vicious Baglo. Once that's done, Palutena suggests that Pit climb down a tower to the Aurum Core. Hades brings some of his forces down to battle, but they are instantly destroyed. After Palutena plays a prank on Pit, he makes it to the bottom, and takes the elevator down to the core.

Boss Battle

As Pit prepares to battle the Aurum Core, Palutena suggests that Pit hold his fire until the core is exposed between the shields that circle around it. She also recommends destroying the outer guns to avoid more trouble. As Pit expresses his devotion to Palutena, Viridi and Hades are unimpressed. After sustaining some more damage, the Aurum Core glows bright red and gains new features, including regenerating outer guns, a gravity puller that pulls pit closer to it, and rolling explosives. Pit manages to survive, and the group of islands explodes. After Pyrrhon rescues Pit and Palutena sends him back, as Pyrrhon looks on to the Aurum fleet.


  • The Air Battle in the English version of this chapter seems to contain several references to the 1996 film Independence Day. [Verification needed]
    • The sight of large, foreboding, island-like spacecrafts on the morning horizon is visually similar to the movie scene in which the spacecrafts are first shown above Los Angeles.
    • The extraterrestrials in both cases are revealed to have the goal of destroying the Earth and using its remains as resources.
    • When Viridi compares the Aurum to bees, Hades says that locusts would be a more apt comparison. In Independence Day, the extraterrestrials are described as swarming across the universe "like locusts."

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