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The following is a transcript for the English version of Chapter 14: Lightning Battle.

Air Battle

(Pit rushes to the door to start the level.)

Pit: Moving out!

(A beam shoots at Pit, forcing him to jump back.)

Pit: Augh!

(Pit leaps through the door as it becomes engulfed in flames.)

Pit: Is the door busted?

Palutena: The door is the least of our concerns. Hades has rejoined the fray.

Pit: Oh, no!

Palutena: Oh, yes. Now we have both his AND Viridi's forces wreaking havoc!

Palutena: The Underworld Army and Forces of Nature are out for blood—each other's AND yours.

(The Touch Screen displays Thanatos.)

Palutena: On the Underworld side, Hades has put Thanatos back into play as commander.

Pit: Thanatos?! He's still alive?!

(The Touch Screen displays Phosphora, whose face is obscured in the shadows.)

Palutena: Apparently. And leading the Forces of Nature is Phosphora.

Pit: Phosphora?

(Phosphora zips by.)

Phosphora: Yes? You called?

Pit: So you're commanding the Forces of Nature?

Thanatos: We're in the middle of something here! Can this wait?

(Thanatos, in the form of a glowing serpent-like dragon, flies past Pit.)

Pit: So Thanatos was resurrected as...a glowworm?

Palutena: I think the look he's going for is more glow dragon.

(Pit flies closer to a battle between Phosphora and Thanatos.)

Pit: Wow, this is crazy!

(Phosphora and Thanatos fly down into a whirlwind.)

Palutena: It's the Underworld versus Nature, their commanders locked in fierce battle...

(Palutena flies Pit in after them.)

Palutena: I'm ready to pull you out of there if things get out of control.

Pit: I can't believe Thanatos is still alive.

Palutena: And quite perky, from the looks of things.

  • [If the player has already received a game over at this point in their playthrough.]
Pit: Well, that's only fair. I've been finished off a few times myself.
  • [If the player hasn't received a game over yet up to this point in their playthrough.]
Pit: But why does he get a second chance? It's not fair!

Palutena: Hmm... Thanatos, Pandora, Hewdraw... Hades revived them all from the old days. It must have taken some work to bring them back.

Pit: But this is Thanatos's third time around!

Hades: Thanatos is a bit of a...special case.

Pit: You're telling me.

Hades: He is the god of death, after all. So he gets perks like evil powers and health insurance. And free soda.

Palutena: Resurrected from the dead—that's some health insurance!

(Thanatos and Phosphora's battle is dragged close to Pit.)

Pit: Whoa!

(They fly away from Pit.)

Pit: I gotta admit—he's fast! Must be all that free soda.

Hades: Lovely little Phosphora's no slouch in the fighting department, either.

Palutena: Ugh, will you stop trying to butter up all the ladies? It's gross.

Viridi: There's nothing wrong with compliments.

Pit: Viridi! Where'd you come from?

Viridi: But Commander Phosphora must also be respected for her power!

Palutena: Anyway, Pit, just keep after Phosphora and Thanatos. It's great how they're wearing each other out like this. I mean, who knows? You may have to fight them both at the same time.

Viridi: Well, we all know how THAT would end.

Hades: Almost makes you take pity on Pitty.

(Pit follows Phosphora and Thanatos out of the whirlwind.)

Hades: Thannypoo, are you OK?

Thanatos: Oh, yes! I'm just peachy!

Palutena: He doesn't seem peachy...

Viridi: That's because Phosphora combines the depeachifying power and speed of lightning!

(Phosphora defeats Thanatos.)

Phosphora: Finishing blow!

Thanatos: Aaah! Farewell cryyyyyyy!

(Thanatos returns to his normal form and falls.)

Viridi: Bravo! BraVO!

Hades: Oh me oh my. Now whatever shall I do?

Pit: She really brought the thunder!

Viridi: I said lightning, Pit! Sheesh, get it right!

Hades: Whatever. We'll just keep fighting without someone out there giving orders.

Palutena: Are you saying it makes no difference whether your troops have a leader?

Hades: They're all idiots. Seriously. I don't even know if any of them have actual brains.

Pit: Where's Phosphora?

Palutena: She must be recharging after her battle with Thanatos. Now's your chance. Let's hit her before she fully recovers.

Pit: Good idea!

Palutena: We may not have the best dental plan, but justice is on our side!

Pit: Now it's OUR turn to bring the thunder!

(Pit approaches a whirling mass of clouds.)

Palutena: Phosphora's in the middle of those clouds.

Phosphora: Persistent, aren't we?!

Palutena: I'm going to open up a path through these storm clouds. Stay sharp!

(Palutena opens up a tunnel through the thunder clouds and sends Pit in, where he encounters many Forces of Nature troops.)

Pit: This is intense!

Palutena: Hold on as best you can. Phosphora is definitely up this way.

Phosphora: Nope. There's nobody here.

Pit: We can totally hear you!

(Pit nears the end of the tunnel.)

Palutena: Just about there. Three... Two... One... You're out!

(Pit arrives inside the thunder cloud, spotting the Thunder Cloud Temple in the distance.)

Palutena: This is the Thunder Cloud Temple. It's been abandoned since ancient times.

Phosphora: Here already? I didn't even have a chance to take a shower!

Pit: Too bad!

(A blue beam shoots at Pit from the temple.)

Pit: Wah!

Palutena: I guess she's not completely spent after her battle with Thanatos.

Phosphora: It's just one fight after another. Today is not my day. The fortune Mistress Viridi read me didn't paint a very good picture either.

Pit: Wait... Viridi reads fortunes?

Palutena: I wonder what other services she offers.

Pit: Anyway... It's on!

Phosphora: Looking forward to it!

Palutena: Sending you in!

(Palutena flies Pit down towards the temple.)

Land Battle

(Pit safely lands on the floor of the Thunder Cloud Temple.)

Palutena: It looks like Phosphora is powering this place. You'll need to cut off the supply. Some of the pillars and walls are electrified. Don't get zapped!

  • [If Pit touches one of the electrified pillars or walls.]
Pit: Wah!
Palutena: Remember what I said about not getting zapped?

(Pit takes an electrified elevator inside the temple.)

Pit: This level would be way easier if my sandals were rubber.

Phosphora: It's not my fault you conduct electricity so well.

Pit: We'll see who's laughing when I shut the power down!

(Pit takes a Jump Pad up to another floor, where he finds a diamond-shaped object surrounded by a barrier.)

Palutena: I think that's a power supply to some of the areas in this temple. Destroying it will probably make life easier for you.

(Pit destroys the first power supply.)

Pit: Wooohooo!

Palutena: That seemed to cut some of the power, so you can move forward now.

Phosphora: Whatever. It's no skin off my back.

(Pit enters a room with a train car transporting goods.)

Pit: Is that a train car?

Palutena: There's something inside of it. Break it open, and I'll move its contents near the exit for you to grab.

Phosphora: Sure, go right on ahead.

Pit: Aren't you going to put up a fight?

Phosphora: What do I care? This isn't my place.

Palutena: So you're basically squatting in this abandoned temple. Dignified.

Phosphora: Not squatting. Repurposing! Besides, I'll be out of here before too long.

Pit: Why's that?

Viridi: Because the free-spirited Phosphora isn't one to put down roots. Like a hobo. Anyway, I've been busy with the Underworld Army, so I've asked her to defeat you.

Pit: I'd like to see her try!

Phosphora: Ooh, what bluster! What bravado! I guess I can't back down now!

(Pit proceeds through the temple.)

Palutena: Phosphora is busy recharging at the temple's center.

Pit: Got it.

Palutena: You'll need to move fast and get to her before she's done.

Pit: Absolutely, Lady Palutena!

Phosphora: Absolutely, Lady Palutena! You're such a yes-man, Pit. Good thing you're so cute.

Pit: You''re not just making fun of me now, are you?

Phosphora: Aw, you're turning red! That's even cuter!

Palutena: He embarrasses easily. Don't mind him.

Phosphora: Oh, don't give it a second'am.

Pit: Uh-oh...

Palutena: Did you just call me "ma'am"? Are you trying to start something?

Phosphora: You're right, I'm sorry. You're MUCH too young to be called "ma'am."

Palutena: You know as well as I do the lifespan of gods. And how about you? What's YOUR age?

Phosphora and Palutena: I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Pit: For the record... I don't mind being called "sir."

Phosphora: Yes, well, as much as I'd like to continue this delightful chat, I have things to do.

Palutena: I know it's difficult when she's flirting with you, but remember that she's the enemy.

Pit: Right.

(Pit enters a room with an air vent and several spheres.)

Palutena: There seems to be an air vent in that platform. Turn on the air to help you up. To get a current started, move the spheres to the correct place.

(Pit knocks down a sphere.)

Palutena: Good job. There's a weak breeze now.

(Pit knocks down another sphere.)

Palutena: The air current is stronger. Use it to carry you up.

  • [If Pit knocks down the third sphere.]
Palutena: That's as strong as the air current is going to get. Hmmm...
  • [If Pit arrives on the highest floor.]
Pit: Neat! I can go higher depending on the strength of the air current!
Phosphora: Brains AND brawn. He's the whole package!

(Pit enters a room with moving beams of electricity.)

Palutena: Pay attention to the movement of those electric currents.

Phosphora: I think it's probably fine to touch them. Seriously, they're perfectly safe.

(Pit goes through another room and destroys the second power supply, opening a downward path.)

Palutena: You can hop on in! I set up a grind rail for you to use.

Pit: Wow wow wooooow!

Phosphora: Grind rails, huh? Well, la di da! Wish we had the budget for grind rails...

(The Grind Rail escorts Pit to a long walkway outside the temple.)

Palutena: This way goes to the center of the temple. Watch out, though—the route looks pretty treacherous.

(Pit heads back inside the temple and takes a Jump Pad to the boss door.)

Palutena: Phosphora is just ahead.

Phosphora: Here so soon?

Boss Battle

(Pit arrives in the boss room and encounters Phosphora, who is lying in mid-air before switching to a sitting position.)

Phosphora: Hello there!

(Pit begins striking poses.)

Pit: Attention, pet of Viridi! You'd better sharpen your claws! I am the servant of Palutena, goddess of light, and—

(Phosphora shoots lightning bolts at Pit's feet.)

Pit: Ow OWWW!

Phosphora: Enough blabbity blab. Now let's get to the main act!

(Phosphora gets into a battling stance and the battle initiates.)

Palutena: Don't run straight at her. Keep your distance, and wait till she's not moving.

Pit: My skin feels all tingly!

Phosphora: The air in here is electrified. It's good for the complexion, doncha know?

Viridi: Just look at them go!

Hades: And I thought the fighting outside was exciting! But it looks like the real action is in here!

Viridi: Pit doesn't stand a chance!

Palutena: Glad you're enjoying the show, oh divine peanut gallery.

Phosphora: I, for one, am honored to have you all in the audience.

Pit: Who's the yes-man now? Kissing up to management won't help you, Phosphora!

Palutena: Some of Phosphora's attacks can have a numbing effect.

Pit: Which isn't a problem when you can dash like I can!

Palutena: Just move around to recover from numbness faster.

Palutena: Watch out when you see Phosphora stop to gather energy. Once she has enough, she'll fire shots at the posts that ricochet towards you.

(Pit defeats Phosphora.)

Pit: Did you see THAT thunder?!

Phosphora: No. 'Cause you CAN'T SEE thunder!


(Phosphora drops to one knee, sliding backward.)

Phosphora: I take back what I said before. You're not cute at all!

(Phosphora rises and is teleported away.)

Viridi: This can't be happening!

Pit: I'm coming for you next, Viridi!

(The Thunder Cloud Temple begins falling apart.)

Pit: Ouah!

Hades: This place is going back to the dogs without lovely little Phosphora.

Palutena: Smarm it up while you still can, Hades. We'll be after YOU soon enough.

(A light shines down over Pit, whisking him away.)

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