Chapter 14: Lightning Battle

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Chapter 14: Lightning Battle



Chapter 14: Lightning Battle/Transcript


Chapter 13: The Lunar Sanctum


Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders

Lightning Battle is the fourteenth chapter in the game Kid Icarus: Uprising. Pit's mission in this chapter is to defeat another of Viridi's commanders, Phosphora, who is battling the Underworld Army, which is being led by the revived Thanatos.

Air Battle

This chapter begins with Pit barely dodging a laser blast just as he flies out the door. The aerial mission takes place in an area riddled with tornadoes. Palutena informs Pit that Thanatos has been revived by Hades as commander and that the Forces of Nature are led by Phosphora. Before Pit could ask for more information, Phosphora and Thanatos (in the form of a glowing serpent, possibly his snake form from the original Kid Icarus) appear, engaged in an intense battle. After some strenuous fighting between the two, Phosphora deals the final blow to Thanatos, defeating him. Hades is undeterred by this and decides to fight on without a commander. Palutena informs Pit that Phosphora has retreated to the Thunder Cloud Temple to recharge.

Land Battle

Pit makes it to the Thunder Cloud Temple and must now search for Phosphora, who is recovering from her battle with Thanatos. This level is dangerous as some parts of the environment are electrified. Throughout the level Phosphora flirts with Pit and almost causes an argument with Palutena over her age. After making his way through the temple, he finds the room where Phosphora resides.

Boss Battle

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Phosphora serves as the boss of the chapter. Phosphora is very fast, often teleporting around the arena and attacks with various lightning-based projectiles. She will also charge at Pit on occasion. Her most dangerous attack is one in which she gathers energy and fires blasts at the posts that ricochet towards Pit. The best time to attack her is after she makes an attack as she will stop moving. After taking enough damage, Phosphora will be defeated, causing the temple to collapse.

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