Chapter 13: The Lunar Sanctum

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Chapter 13: The Lunar Sanctum



Chapter 13: The Lunar Sanctum/Transcript


Chapter 12: Wrath of the Reset Bomb


Chapter 14: Lightning Battle

The Lunar Sanctum is the thirteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The mission is to defeat Arlon the Serene and disable the Lunar Sanctum, a mechanical, weaponized fortress that is said to be more dangerous than the Reset Bombs. The Lunar Sanctum is also, until it is destroyed, the prison of the Chaos Kin.

Air Battle

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This chapter begins with Pit singing a cheerful victory song, due to his successful defeat of Viridi. He claims that he’s now ready to seek out Hades, but Palutena warns him that the nature goddess still has dangerous allies that need to be dealt with as well. This particular ally is a lunar entity by the name of Arlon, who lives in a mechanical fortress in the sky. As Pit shoots down numerous monsters, Palutena explains that his fortress acts as a lethal weapon, making it a priority to take it out. She proceeds to point out the moon in the sky, to which Pit comments on how pretty it looks. However, his admiration of the moon quickly turns to shock when she points out a second moon right next to it. Palutena claims that this duplicate is actually Arlon's Lunar Sanctum, as it splits open to reveal its mechanical interior. Before Pit can get a good look at it, the Sanctum suddenly unleashes a massive laser in his direction, and continues to attack as he begins rapidly flying towards it while avoiding many enemies. He will have to get past this deadly security system and break into the Lunar Sanctum to find and defeat Arlon.

Land Battle

Pit makes it inside the Lunar Sanctum and must now infiltrate the interior to find and defeat Arlon. However, this is no easy task. Arlon's Lunar Sanctum is filled with illusions and traps, such as invisble switches and floors, as well as green holograms of Viridi's army. Halfway through the level, Pit manages to find the control center but also finds Dark Pit, who was summoned by Arlon.

Mini-Boss Battle

Dark Pit is an easy boss to defeat, he mainly attacks by firing arrows and using melee attacks with his bow. The battle is made more dangerous, however, by the control center, which fires energy blasts at Pit. Once Dark Pit is defeated, Pit must avoid the control center's shots and attack. After enough damage, the control center is destroyed and Pit ventures further to confront Arlon.

Intensity Gate

Before the door that leads to the Arlon boss battle, to the left is a gate that needs to be played on 7.0 or higher. Inside is a Treasure Box.

Boss Battle

Arlon Boss battle

Arlon the Serene

Arlon serves as the chapter's boss. Arlon mainly hovers around the room, firing energy blasts. On occasion, he may fire a large beam of energy. It is recommended against using melee attacks as Arlon will counter by summoning spikes from below. After sustaining enough damage, Arlon will use his powers to darken the room. Pit must pay attention to where Arlon's attacks come from, then shoot in that direction. After enough damage, Arlon is defeated and the Lunar Sanctum is destroyed. However, in doing so, Pit unknowingly frees the Chaos Kin.


  • The Lunar Sanctum is reminiscent of the Death Star from Star Wars.
  • While battling Arlon, it is possible to pinpoint his location by his silhouette appearing against the darkness, rather than having to wait for his attack to give his position away.
  • This is the only chapter in which no Underworld troops appear.

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