Chapter 11: Viridi, Goddess of Nature

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Chapter 11: Viridi, Goddess of Nature



Chapter 11: Viridi, Goddess of Nature/Transcript


Chapter 10: The Wish Seed


Chapter 12: Wrath of the Reset Bomb

Viridi, Goddess of Nature is the eleventh chapter in the game Kid Icarus: Uprising, featuring a great war between two human nations to gain control of an item called the Wish Seed, which was actually nothing more than a false rumor spread by Hades. Taking place at a dreary battleground, Pit will have to face off against the demented goddess of nature, Viridi, who has unleashed an unspeakable curse upon the human race.

Air Battle

The aerial portion begins with Pit flying over a seemingly quiet valley, only to discover two massive human armies clashing on a battlefield below. Palutena remarks that the humans were tricked by Hades into fighting over a nonexistent item known as the Wish Seed, which supposedly grants the user unimaginable capabilities. Afraid of being overpowered by whoever took control of the Seed, these once peaceful nations became obsessed with taking the power for themselves by resorting to destroying each other in war. Pit displays a mood of sorrow at this fact, wishing he could alert both armies of the truth about Hades and his intention to collect all of the souls of their dead. However, the battle doesn’t last long before it causes a disturbance with nature itself. Palutena warns Pit of an impending disaster as the sky begins to glow with fire, proceeding to fly him away from the battlefield as a massive meteor falls from the heavens and seemingly obliterates the two armies. The nature goddess Viridi then reveals herself (via an astral projection) as the culprit, having apparently turned the humans into plant life with the impact. Laughing wickedly at her accomplishment, she berates the human race as “scum” and establishes her actions as their well-deserved punishment. As Pit looks on at the incredible destruction caused by the meteor's impact, Palutena tells him to explore the area and to search for Viridi.

Pit explores the organic meteor, which Virdi dubs her Reset Bomb. She explains that the Reset Bomb reverts the earth to its natural state, killing humans in the process. When Pit and Palutena's pleas for Viridi to reason fall on deaf ears, they are left with no choice but to oppose her. In response, Viridi summons Cragalanche, who tackles the angel out of the sky.

Land Battle

After being knocked out of the sky by Cragalanche, Pit explores the Reset Bomb Forest on foot. Along the way, he rescues survivors of the Reset Bomb's impact. After venturing through the Reset Bomb Forest, he finds the chamber where Cragalanche awaits.

Boss Battle

Cragalanche serves as the boss of this chapter. The golem attacks with various earth-based moves such as burrowing underground to attack Pit from below or summoning large rocks around it and firing them in all directions. It also attacks with a wide arm sweep, small shockwaves, and a charge. Despite his size, Cragalanche is quite fast. Attacks from the front do little damage, but a red spot on his back (or butt as the game puts it) is quite weak. The easiest way to fire at his back its to dodge his charge attack and fire until he recovers. After enough damage, Cragalanche is defeated.

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