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Celestia fireworks attack

The Celestial Fireworks in an air battle.

Celestial Firework

The Celestial Firework is a power in Kid Icarus: Uprising. When used, it fires a firework in front of the user. Enemies who get too close could get hurt from the blast, sometimes knocking them back. However, this technique of attack can be difficult to land hits with, but the Celestial Firework has many other effective uses in Together Mode. Once used, it will fire into the sky and explode high the air, making it good for signaling teammates in Light vs. Dark because it can be seen from from a long distance away. The team angel can use it to signal his team and call for help, as well as do damage to any nearby foes. An even more effective use of this power is the short invincibility it provides during its animation. This can be used to dodge any attack, even ones that Pit's normal dodge would be ineffective against.


Celebrate Lady Palutena by launching a firework into the air.


Level Uses
1 5
2 10

Power Board

Level 1

Level 2


  • This is one of the few powers that only has two levels.
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