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Bullet Blade
"The Bullet Blade fires a hail of explosive bullets."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Blade Mini Icon Blade
Range Strength  ?
Strongest Attack  ?

The Bullet Blade (撃剣バレットマスター Gekiken Baretto Masutaa, literally meaning "Fencing: Bullet Master") is a Blade introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It resembles a gun in appearance and uses magic to fire bullets. The Bullet Blade doesn't have very good homing or melee abilities, but its shots maintain power over any distance. In fact, its shots gain in power as they travel. The Blade opposite from this one is the Samurai Blade, which is built exclusively for close combat.

Idol Description

The Bullet Blade fires a hail of explosive bullets. Its homing ability and melee attacks aren't very good, but its shots do not decrease in power over distances, so there's no need to stay very close to foes.

Weapon Fusion

In Kid Icarus: Uprising, it is possible to fuse two weapons into a new one. The stronger the weapons used, the stronger the result will be. Certain weapon modifiers from the old weapons have a chance of being transported to the new one. There are many pairs of weapons that can be fused into a Bullet Blade. The Bullet Blade can also be fused into many other weapons. The following is an example of the possible outcomes.

Weapons that fuse into Bullet Blade
Weapon A Weapon B Result
Darkness Bow Electroshock Arm Bullet Blade
Palutena Bow Taurus Arm
Leo Cannon Viridi Palm
Weapons the Bullet Blade fuse into
Weapon A Weapon B Result
Bullet Blade Violet Palm Taurus Arm
Flintlock Staff Bear Claws
Volcano Arm Phosphora Bow
Beam Claws Ogre Club
Silver Bow Aurum Palm
Taurus Arm Darkness Bow
Palutena Bow Pudgy Palm
Ball Cannon Laser Staff
Babel Club Laser Staff
Burst Blade Beam Claws
Leo Cannon Ancient Staff
Crystal Bow Burning Palm


Weapons in Kid Icarus: Uprising
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