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Breaking the Fourth Wall is a term used to describe times when characters do or say things that announce that they are fictional characters, and are completely aware that they are in a world controlled by a being. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, the fourth wall is frequently broken by the game's characters, usually in reference to original Kid Icarus, other Nintendo games and franchises, and even real-world popular culture.

Instances of Breaking the Fourth Wall

  • At any time when Pit is standing idle, he may randomly engage in conversation with Palutena based on his current weapon. When holding a bow, Pit mentions that he used one in a "brawl" and that it was a "smash," referencing his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When asked by Palutena about being in a "melee," Pit bemoans that "he wasn't invited," as a crack to the prior game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and to his not appearing in it, though he appeared as a trophy in that game.
  • In Chapter 2, Pit rants about how the "Dark Lord" title is a bit cliched, and Palutena admits that "it is a familiar story."
  • In Chapter 4, Pit is scared to be turned into an eggplant by the Eggplant Wizard and gets even more scared when Palutena says the hospitals no longer exist in this game, but becomes relieved when Palutena will remove the curse after a short time.
  • In Chapter 5, when Palutena asks about the Mirror of Truth, Pandora shouts, "DO I LOOK LIKE A STRATEGY GUIDE!?!?"
  • In Chapter 7, when Pit tells Thanatos to be quiet, Thanatos complains over how Pit has been talking the entire game. Also, during the flight section of Chapter 7, as Palutena answers to Pit about Tanatos (the original name of Thanatos) and that he was in the form of a long snake on Medusa's head in the final boss battle in Kid Icarus (NES), she references the '80s, the decade in which the first Kid Icarus for the NES was released, as well as the release of the NES console and its many classic games that eventually sparked iconic franchises. Also, she and notes that regarding Tanatos' appearance back in the game, that was his "look" back then, referring to Tanatos' appearance as an 8-bit sprite in Kid Icaus (NES).
  • In the Air Battle in Chapter 8, Palutena remembers how Pit used to say "I'm Finished!" whenever Pit was defeated, and Pit reminds her that he still says it even to this day.
  • In Chapter 8 when Pit finds the Three Sacred Treasures, Palutena says that it looks less pixelated than she remembered, referencing the 8-bit look of the original Three Sacred Treasures.
  • In the Air Battle in Chapter 9, Palutena remembers how the Underworld was where Pit was defeated the most in the original Kid Icarus, and Pit remembers how merciless the difficulty level was.
  • In Chapter 9 when fighting Twinbellows again, Pit mentions that he intends to rack up Nintendogs Training Points with him (Nintendogs is a pet-simulation game produced by Nintendo).
  • At the end of Chapter 9, Hades makes his introduction by literally ripping the end credits off the screen.
  • In Chapter 16, when Pit steps into the hot spring in the Aurum Hive, and Viridi doesn't trust its safety, Pit reminds her of how many times he was attacked in the game and asks her why she didn't warn him about the Hot Spring in the previous chapter, and Viridi responds by saying it's Palutena's job and not hers.
  • In Chapter 17, Pyrrhon mentions that he looked something up on Divinipedia.
  • In Chapter 19, when Pit has to jump over the large balls that run down three ramps, Hades says that the Chariot Master must have played Donkey Kong (the 1981 arcade game).
  • In Chapter 19, Pit starts to complain about the height of the tower, he says, "There was even a loading screen (when the player was waiting for the game to load) back there!" Viridi replies by saying they shouldn't be talking about it.
  • At the end of Chapter 20, Viridi ends with: "You've been through a lot, and you probably want to save your game.
  • In Chapter 21, Pit comments on how Komaytos look like Metroids until he is rudely interupted by Viridi, who shouts, "This game universe and THAT game universe are completely unrelated." (The original Kid Icarus games were built on the same engine as Metroid.)
  • In Chapter 22, Viridi claims she has a Brain Age of 24. (Brain Age is a puzzle game created by Nintendo.)
  • In Chapter 24 after Pit again defeats the Space Kraken and asks for the Great Sacred Treasure, Dyntos reminds Pit about the name of the chapter, which was the Three Trials. The insult that Pit gives the Kraken, "Tentafool," may also refer to the Pokemon Tentacool.
  • In the training video about Powers, Pit tells Palutena that his experience in playing Dr. Mario is going to come handy for filling the box with powers.
  • In the first how-to-play video, Pit asks who this "Icarus" mentioned in the title of the game was and how he can meet him.
  • In the training video about attacks, Pit exclaims that he needs a "Strategy Guide."
  • At the very end of the game, after the credits, when it says "THE END," Hades will begin speaking after five minutes without any button input. During his final tirade, Hades claims that the old "8-bit" Pit would never have gotten as far as the current one did, fakes erasing the player's save data, and admits that he hopes to find a way to resurrect himself before the next sequel comes out in 25 years. Also, he labels Pit of being "the most powerful Nintendo character of all time" for defeating him, saying for a "tiny, little angel" can defeat such "a big bad god of the underworld." He also encourages the players to keep playing the game by mentioning the newly unlocked features from beating the game. Lastly, before he leaves, he proposes a toast to Kid Icarus: Uprising, his new favorite game of all time.
  • In the fourth training video, Pit complains about the balanced game play regarding to his stamina.
  • In the fourth training video, Pit makes a reference to Super Smash Bros. by saying the dash move is similar to the one in that game, but Palutena mistakens the title as "Super Bash Sisters."
  • The idol description of the Fairy Orbitars makes a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. "Tired of pixies asking you to listen?" refers to the character Navi, who is the main companion of Link in that game, and was notorious for being annoying, with her notably most famous quote, "Hey! Listen!"

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