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Aurum Brain Fortress



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 17)


The Aurum Brain

The Aurum Brain Fortress is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 17, it is home to the Aurum Brain.


Chapter 17: The Aurum Brain

After taking care of the Aurum Hive, Pit and the gods all focus their efforts on taking down the Aurum Brain, which resides within its own fortress. Palutena sends Pit inside the fortress where he attacks the Aurum Brain, but right before he defeats it, Pyrrhon flies into its center, causing a massive explosion. Palutena quickly extracts Pit from the fortress, and a projection of Pyrrhon appears before them, boasting about his newfound leadership over the Aurum. As Pyrrhon commands the Aurum to attack Pit, Viridi launches a Reset Bomb into the Aurum Brain Fortress in an attempt to defeat him; however, the Reset Bomb Forest that emerges from the bomb bursts into flames as a result of Pyrrhon's powers.

Running out of time for the Power of Flight, Palutena tries to extract Pit but fails due to Pyrrhon's interference. Having no choice but to cut off Pit's flight, the angel falls down onto a platform carried by Forces of Nature troops, which fly him back to the fortress. On the way, Viridi's troops are killed off by a fiery blast from the fortress, forcing Palutena to send in Centurion Strongarms to carry the platform the rest of the way. Palutena then discovers that the previous entrance Pit used is still engulfed in flames, forcing him to seek out an alternate route.

As Pit heads back inside the fortress and fights off Aurum troops, he notices that Pyrrhon is behaving strangely. Soon after, Pit arrives in the center of the fortress, where the Sun God starts twitching and speaking in binary. Having been taken over by the Aurum Brain, Aurum Pyrrhon and Pit engage in battle. Once Aurum Pyrrhon is defeated, the fortress explodes, forcing Palutena to pull Pit out of the fortress once again. Afterwards, Pyrrhon seems to regain some control over the Aurum Brain, as he uses his powers to launch himself and the fortress back into space.

Idol Description

Aurum Brain Fortress

This spacefaring fortress houses the Aurum Brain, which is responsible for controlling every aspect of the Aurum, from combat troops to floating islands. The fortress is extremely massive, housing formidable defenses.


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