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The Aether Ring is a new vehicle introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is one of the three standard vehicles introduced in the game, the other two being the Exo Tank and the Cherubot.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Aether Ring is relatively rare in the game. Pit stands in the middle, hovering slightly above the ground while maneuvering the Aether Ring around, using what looks like a sphere. Controlling the Aether Ring is like controlling a pinball; it bounces off walls and may take a while to maneuver down a hole. The Aether Ring is equipped with a rapid firing gun that Pit can use against enemies. Additionally, the Aether Ring has a protective shield that can be initiated by tapping an icon on the touch screen. The shield can be used to block attacks and can also be used to kill enemies if an enemy touches the shield. There are some achievements that can be unlocked by killing a set number of enemies with the Aether Ring's shield. Furthermore, the Aether Ring will slowly float downward when descending from above, such as through a shaft.

Idol Description

The Aether Ring is a vehicle of the gods that can move around freely. While the vehicle may look like a gyro top to Pit, its heavenly status masks it from humans, who only see a useless pile of rocks.


  • Because the Aether Ring is floating, it is not affected when the floor is covered in ice. Unfortunately though, controlling the vehicle is already like maneuvering on ice.
  • In Chapter 11, there are two Aether Rings in the same vicinity. It is an ideal place to achieve the goal for destroying one vehicle with another vehicle in Viridi's Treasure Hunt.


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